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Mon 26 Apr 2021
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[INFO] Battle Log
A campaign log to track weekly results:

Slum Cleaners Union (Ogryn Slaves)
Week 1: 5 kills, 0 lasting injuries, earned 60cr, gained Smelter, +2 rep

Grimm's Ferric Heads (Orlock)
Week 1: 5 kills, 1 in recovery, earned 90cr, gained Mine, +2 rep, 1 captive

Feck's Labbeasts (Genestealers)
Week 1: TBD

Annie's Little Bitches (Escher)
Week 1: 6 kills, 1 lasting injury (Enfeebled), earned 60cr, gained Fighting Pit, +2 rep

Void Alpha (Van Saar)
Week 1: 5 kills, 2 in recovery, earned 110cr, gained Tech Bazaar, +3 rep, +1 Juve

Krusher Krew (Goliath)
Week 1: TBD

The Hallowed Brethren (Cawdor)
Week 1: TBD

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