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A rundown on how each turn operates.

The game is broken up into the following phases:

1. Gang Creation
2. Pre-Battle Sequence
3. Battle (see Battle Rules thread)
4. Post-battle Sequence.

The game will repeat 2-4 as necessary. As new people join or old gangs retired revisit gang creation.

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Sat 10 Apr 2021
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Gang Creation
Gang Creation

  • Each Gang starts with a budget of 1,000cr.
  • With that starting budget you must satisfy any special requirements that gang has in composition.
  • Credits can be spent on fighters and equipment from those gang lists.
  • Any extra credits is added to the gang's Stash.
  • Calculate Gang Rating: Sum of all fighters and equipment they are carrying.
  • Calculate Wealth: Gang Rating + Credits/Equipment in Stash
  • Reputation: Starts at 1.
  • Alignment: Declare whether your gang is an Outlaw gang or Law Abiding, if the choice is available.
  • Corruption: Declare whether your gang is already tainted by Chaos or Genestealers

Gang Summary:

A brief summary of the available gangs:

Gang NameSummarySourceAdditional Notes
CawdorReligious fanatics obsessed with flamesCoreHouse of Faith supplemental rules
Corpse GrindersChaos tainted cannibal butchersDark Uprising 
DelaqueStealthy assassinsCore 
EscherAgile poison specialistsCoreHouse of Blades supplemental rules
GoliathBeefy foundry workersCoreHouse of Chains supplemental rules
OrlockJack-of-all trade Miners & MechanicsCoreHouse of Iron supplemental rules
Van SaarRanged tech specialistsCoreHouse of Artifice supplemental rules
Genestealer CultSecret xeno-corrupted cultCoreCan have xenos and 3-arms
Chaos CultChaos blessed/cursed cultCoreCan have chaos spawn and dark blessings
Venator BandsMix of bounty hunters banding togetherCore 
Enforcers"The Law" trying to keep peace and order.BoJWill use rules from Law & Order campaign.
Slave OgrynsBig strong dumb ogres.HoC 

Arbiter Only Gangs:
Gang NameSummarySource
Brat GangsRich kids pretending to be hardcore gangers.1st Ed
Burning OnesWarp-fueled zombies.Custom
Hive ScummersLocals and unaligned gangers.Custom
Imperial DesertersEx-guardsmen looking to lie low.Custom
Pit SlavesRenegade gladiators1st Edition
Ratskin RenegadesPrimitive savages that hit & run2nd Edition
The RedemptionReligious fanatics that burn everything, even Cawdor1st Edition
ScavviesCannibal Mutants2nd Edition
Spyer HuntersRich a-holes with power armor2nd Edition

These gangs will only be controlled by the Arbiter but may be encountered.

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Sat 10 Apr 2021
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Pre-Battle Sequence
Pre-Battle Sequence

The following steps are completed before each battle:

  1. Make a Challenge and Stake a Claim
    On the Campaign Map, specify which territory you would like to try to take over. If a rival gang has captured some of your fighters you can opt to instead make it a Rescue Mission instead of fighting for territory.

  2. Check for Defense
    If one of your territories is being attacked you will be given the option of forgoing your challenge to defend your territory.

  3. Undefended Territory Transfer
    If a territory is challenged and not defended, it is turned over without a battle to the attacker.

  4. Prep For Battle
    If a territory is going to be defended first the participating gangs are given the opportunity to spend XP for fighter advancements and Credits for Hired Guns.

  5. Determine Scenario
    The Arbiter will be determining which map and what scenario parameters will be used based on secret means and narrative drama.

  6. Choose Crews
    Pick the crew you would like to use. Scenarios may provide rules on selection and how many fighters may be used. '

  7. Declare Territory Boons
    Select which, if any, territory boons you would like to apply to this fight.

  8. Tactics Cards
    Based on the scenario, tactics cards are generated.

  9. Deploy
    Based on the scenario, different deployment methods are used.

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Sat 10 Apr 2021
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Periodically a week might be declared as "Downtime". In general a cycle goes 3 weeks of combat, 1 week of downtime but based on narrative events that might change.

When Downtime is declared the following happens in order.

  1. Fighters Recover
    Any In Recovery boxes are cleared.

  2. Captives Are Returned
    Any captured fighters are returned. The releasing gang gets half their credit value (rounded up to the nearest 5cr).

  3. Juve Promotion
    A Juve that has 5+ Advancements is upgraded to a Champion and treated as such.

  4. Fresh Recruitment
    All gangs gain 250cr to recruit new fighters and/or Hnagers-on. These must be spent now and unspent credits are not put into the Stash. You may spend credits from the Stash to supplement this fund for recruitment purposes.

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Sat 10 Apr 2021
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After a battle both participants go through the following items.

  1. Battle Wrap-Up
    - Check to see if any Seriously Injured fighters succumb to their injuries
    - Check to see if any enemy fighters are captured
    - Any other "End of Battle" effects take place.

  2. Injured Fighters Heal
    Any In Recovery fighters are cleared.

  3. Transfer Territory
    If an attack is successful, transfer the territory, removing bonuses from the old gang and adding them to the new gang.

  4. Receive Rewards
    Based on the scenario, rewards are delivered. Any equipment received is added to the gang's stash.

  5. Collect Income
    Make a roll for all income generating territories. Remember that every gang always has a Settlement territory as their home base.

  6. Post-Battle Actions
    After a battle, every Leader and Champion can perform one of the following options:
    • Medical Escort - Pick another fighter who suffered a Critical Injury and pay 2d6x10cr from Stash and roll 1D6. On a 1 fighter dies. On 2-5 re-roll Injury but first value is set to '5'. On 6 full recovery.
    • Haggle - Tech Bazaar Only - Roll 2d6. On 7+ purcahse one Rare item of Rare Value <= result for half price. On 4-6 pick a Common item for half price. On < 3 nothing gained. If fighter has Exotic Furs equipped, add +1 to result.
    • Sell to Guilders - Sell a captured fighter to the guild for 1/2 value (rounded up to nearest 5cr). Note that the fighter's gang has to have had at least one opportunity for rescue before a character can be sold.
    • Trade - A leader adds +2 and Champions add +1 to Trading Post rarity roll

  7. Delete Dead or Retiring Fighters
    Remove dead fighters from the roster. If the fighter died at the Docs or if allies were still on the board at battle end equipment is moved to stash, else it is lost. Fighters can also be retired at this point, removing them from the roster and returning or selling their equipment.

    If the Leader is dead or retired, the Champion (or Juve) with best Leadership is promoted to new Leader. Specialty gangs may have other rules for succession.

  8. Hire New Fighters and Hangers-On
    Stash credits can be spent to hire new recruits or Hangers-On. Respect gang composition requirements and reputation maximums when making these purchases.

  9. Sell Unwanted Equipment
    Any equipment in the stash can be sold for Value-D6x10 (minimum 5cr). Equipment gained as part of a Territory Boon cannot be sold.

  10. Generate Trading Post Rarity Value
    Roll 2d6 (+2 if Leader traded, +1 per Champion that traded, +1 for every full 10 rep) +/- Others to determine the maximum Rarity available.

  11. Purchase Equipment
    Gangs can always buy equipment on their House Equipment List and Common Item list. Rare Items can be purchased if their rarity value is equal or less than the rarity value roll.

  12. Adjust Fighter Gear
    Equipment can be equipped or moved around among gang members. Note that Leaders and Champions can have multiple loadouts. All of their loadout gear counts towards the gang rating although only one loadout is used during battle.

  13. Update Gang Rating & Wealth
    Gang Rating and Wealth are then adjusted to account for all the above changes

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Before an alliance can be made, trust has to either be Earned or Bought. Lifting and expanding upon the Goonhammer's "Razzle Dazzle" system allows for Alliances to be objectives that can be earned as opposed to just min/maxing the best benefits. Therefore each alliance has a two-step process for unlocking.

Thematically the idea is that your gang needs to stand out from the rabble to get on the House/Guild/Criminal Enterprise's radar. The "Razzle" is what sets you apart from other gangs while the "Dazzle" is what seals the deal.

Mechanically this is to let the game develop a bit before bringing alliances into play. Some alliances are notorious for nearly doubling a gang's power and should therefore not be available at the campaign start for free.

As an alternative to completing certain objectives there is also a "Flash" which tends to be more difficult to perform but allows you to secure an alliance immediately.

Here is a list of the objectives needed to secure a particular alliance:

Merchant Guilds

  • Mercator Gelt(Guild of Coin)
    - Razzle: Successfully defend one of your territories
    - Dazzle: In a Toll Bridge scenario have more enemies fall off the bridge than yours.
    - Flash: "All that Glitters" Earn over 100cr in income (not including battle/loot rewards)
    - Adding Toll Collectors will add 590cr to your Crew Rating

  • Mercator Munda (Iron Guild)
    - Razzle: Purchase a Master-Crafted weapon or any rare Special Ammo
    - Dazzle: Cause an enemy to go Out of Action from a shot with a Master-Crafted or rare Special Ammo profile
    - Flash: "Unofficial Audit" Open up two non-booby trapped loot crates in a single battle.
    - Adding Wandering Scum will add 90cr per scum to your Crew Rating

  • Mercator Nautica (Water Guild)
    - Razzle: Sell a captive to the guilders as a post-battle action
    - Dazzle: Participate in a Caravan Heist or Escort Mission as a Defender
    - Flash: "Babysitting Duty" If a guild pays to use Eros Slagmyst in a battle.
    - Adding a Syphoning Delegation adds 585cr to your Crew Rating

  • Mercator Pallidus (Corpse Guild)
    - Razzle: Delete a dead fighter from your roster.
    - Dazzle: Kill at least 4 hiver bystanders in a scenario
    - Flash: "The Slaughterhouse" Coup de Grace 3 enemy fighters in a single game.
    - Adding a Corpse Harvesting Party adds 775cr to your Crew Rating

  • Mercator Pyros (Promethium Guild)
    - Razzle: Purchase a Blaze or Plasma weapon during a post-battle sequence
    - Dazzle: Cause an enemy to go Out of Action while afflicted with Blaze OR from damage from an attack using a Plasma weapon's unstable profile
    - Flash: "Infrastructure Week" If an attacking gang succeeds at a Sabotage mission without any fighters going Out of Action
    - Adding a Pyromantic Conclave adds 635cr to your Crew Rating

  • Mercator Sanguis (Slave Guild)
    - Razzle: Sell a captive fighter to the Guilders in a post-battle action
    - Dazzle: Cause at least 3 enemies to go Out of Action in a single battle in Close Combat OR win as a defender in a Rescue, Public Execution, or Prison Break scenario
    - Flash: "Star Power" Win in a Pitfight scenario
    - Adding a Slaver Entourage adds 765cr to your Crew Rating

Criminal Recidivists
  • Cold Traders
    - Razzle: Purchase a Xeno weapon
    - Dazzle: Earn credits as part of a reward for the following scenarios: Looters, Forgotten Riches, Caravan Heist, Archeotech Hunters
    - Flash: "Wet Storage" Win a battle where one of your crew went Out of Action from a Xenos Nest attack.
    - Adding a Smuggler Shore Party adds 655cr to your Crew rating
  • Fallen House
    - Razzle: Put an enemy House gang leader or champion Out of Action
    - Dazzle: Win a Trap or Ambush mission against a House Gang
    - Flash: "Settle the Score" Put an enemy Dramatis Personae Out of Action
    - Adding a Rebel Lord adds 435cr to your Crew Rating
  • Imperial Imposters
    - Razzle: Purchase a non-Master-crafted status item or Displacer Field
    - Dazzle: Win an Escort Mission as the attacker
    - Flash: "Airs of Respectability" Change alignment from Outlaw to Law Abiding
    - Adding a Master Charlaten adds 485cr to your Crew Rating

  • Narco Lords
    - Razzle: Buy chems
    - Dazzle: Use bought chems. The using fighter must survive the battle.
    - Flash: "The Pusher Man" Get an enemy fighter addicted to chems.
    - Adding Narco Scum adds 90cr per scum to your Crew Rating

  • Psi-Syndica
    - Razzle: Buy ghast
    - Dazzle: Use ghast. The using fighter must survive the battle.
    - Flash: "Magic Monopoly" Put an enemy with Wyrd powers Out of Action.
    - Adding a Mind-Locked Wyrd adds 120cr to your Crew rating.
  • Rogue Factoria
    -Razzle: Buy an Imperial weapon
    -Dazzle: Take part as an attacker in any of the following scenarios: Smash & Grab, Archeo Hunters, Murder Cyborg
    -Flash: "No Scabs!" An opposing gang's Hanger-On is taken Out of Action in battle
    -Adding a Factoria Work Gang adds 415cr to your Crew Rating

Noble Houses
  • House Catallus
    - Razzle: TBD
    - Dazzle: TBD
    - Flash: "The Power Behind The Throne" Be House Van Saar OR win a battle against House Van Saar with half of enemy crew taken Out of Action.
    - Crew Rating: TBD

  • House Greim
    - Razzle: TBD
    - Dazzle: TBD
    - Flash: "Might Makes Right" Be House Goliath OR win a battle against House Goliath with half of enemy crew taken Out of Action.
    - Crew Rating: Adding a Military Attache adds 495cr to Crew Rating

  • House Ran Lo
    - Razzle: Purchase Carapace armor (light or heavy).
    - Dazzle: Win a defense of Looters, Smash & Grab with attacker unlocking or stealing zero loot caskets.
    - Flash: "Lords of War" Be House Orlock OR win a battle against House Orlock with half of enemy crew taken Out of Action.
    - Crew Rating: Adding an auditing party adds 410cr to your crew rating.

  • House Ulanti
    - Razzle: TBD
    - Dazzle: TBD
    - Flash: "Are You Not Entertained?" Be House Escher OR win a battle against House Escher with half of enemy crew taken Out of Action.
    - Crew Rating: Adding a Court Advisor adds 560cr

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