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[INFO] Battle Rules
Battle turns operate as follows:

  1. Priority Phase
    • Each player rolls 1D6 for priority. In case of a tie, the player who previously had priority passes it.

    • Unless otherwise specified, every fighter is given a Ready marker.

  2. Action Phase
    • Cool Checks - If a player has failed a bottle check, make a Cool check for each of their fighters on the battlefield. If a fighter fails, immediately remove them from the battlefield as having fled to safety. Unless otherwise specified, fleeing fighters count as going Out of Action for most Scenario effects.

      Note: A gang leader passing their cool check can auto-pass all allied fighters within 12". A Champion passing their cool check can auto-pass all allied fighters within 6".

    • Activation - Taking turns each player activates one ready fighter. Unlike previous editions the entire gang does not go, instead players move their gangs one piece at a time.
    • Nerve Test - Any fighter that had a friendly within 3" become Seriously Injured or Out of Action must pass a Cool check or become Broken. Fighters get +1 for each non-broken Standing fighter within 3". If the check fails they immediately make a "Run for Cover" double action.

  3. End Phase
    • Bottle Check: If a player has at least one fighter Seriously Injured or Out of Action then make a Bottle check.  If 1D6 + # of fighters that are Seriously Injured or Out of Action > # of fighters in starting crew then gang is bottling out.

      NOTE: A gang can always decide to automatically fail their bottle check but a bottle check is only triggered once a friendly is Seriously Injured or Out of Action.

    • Recovery Test: Make a Recovery roll for each Seriously Injured fighter to see if they recover or not. Roll Injury dice. On '1-2' it is Flesh Wound and fighter becomes Prone & Pinned. Each flesh wound is -1 TOUGH to fighter. '3-5' remains Seriously Injured. '6' fighter is Out of Action. Friendlies within 1" are allow to offer assistance. Roll an extra die and discard one.

    • Rally Test: Broken fighters can attempt a rally check. Pass Cool Check, +1 for each Standing unbroken friendly to clear condition.

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Actions are split into 3 types: Basic, Simple, and Double.

Each round a fighter gets two actions to perform.

Simple Actions take 1 action and can be repeated.

Basic Actions take 1 action but cannot be repeated. (E.g. you cannot Fight (Basic) twice in one turn).

Double Actions take 2 AP. If a fighter can only take a single action, (Double) actions cannot be performed.

Below is a list of actions that can be taken.

AimBasic+1 to hit results of a subsequent Shoot (Basic).
Blind FireDoubleMake a ranged attack with 360 vision arc but -2 from hit results.
CarrySimpleCan make a Move action, carrying one adjacent item (e.g. Loot Casket, Ammo cache etc.)
ChargeDoubleMove + D3" to Engage and make a free Fight or Coup De Grace.
Coup De GraceSimplePick one adjacent Seriously Injured fighter and they immediately go Out of Action.
CrawlDoubleMove up to 1/2 MVMT.
Door, Force OpenBasicRoll D6+STR +2 per friendly ally in contact. If result 9+ open locked door.
Door, OperateSimpleOpen or Close an adjacent door.
Door, Access TerminalBasicMake INTEL -2. If passed Open/Close attached door.
Ductway, Crawl ThroughDoubleIf adjacent to Ductway, can move to other side.
Ductway, Shoot ThroughBasicIf adjacent to Ductway, fire out other end at 5+ BS. Flame template weapons automatically hit all fighters within 2".
Loot Casket, Bypass LockBasicIf adjacent Roll INTEL to open.
Loot Casket, Smash OpenBasicIf adjacent Roll 1D6 +STR. If result is 6+ then open casket but -1 to results.
MoveSimpleMove (Climb at 1/2 movement, cross small gaps
ReloadSimplePick an Out of Ammo weapon and make an Ammo check. If passed, weapon is reloaded.
RetreatBasicIf Engaged, make an INIT test to leave engagement and move 1D6". Enemies that pass INIT check get reactionary attack.
Run For CoverDoubleIf Broken, Standing and Active move 2D6" away from enemies, enemy LOS, and to cover. IF Engaged, perform INIT to move away else no action if failed.
ShootBasicMake an attack with a ranged weapon.
Stand UpBasicStands up and returns to Active status.
Take CoverBasicMove up to 1/2 MVMT and then become Prone and Pinned.

Skill Actions
CommDoubleNonverbal (Palatine)Target within 6" passes a cool check to extend vision arc to all sides.
FlexSimpleUnleash the Beast (Muscle)Pass STR check to move all engaged fighters back D3".
HeadbuttBasicHeadbutt (Brawn)While engaged roll 2D6. If either one >= Toughness then Str+2, Dmg 2 hit. If both dice < Toughness than user takes Str, Dmg1 hit.
Issue ChallengeBasicBring It On (Bravado)Target within 12" must target user unless Willpower check passed.
OrderDoubleOverseer (Leadership)Pick a friendly within 6" to take 2 actions.
RestrainSimpleRestrain (Palatine)Every time performed, +1 to check to see if enemy fighters captured at end.
SomersaultBasicSomersault (Finesse)Can "teleport" 6" provided they can see destination.
TankDoubleImmovable (Muscle)Increase Armor save +2 and cannot be moved or pinned except Seismic.

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Status & Conditions
The following is a list of Statuses/Conditions that might be applied to fighters and their effects.

BlazeIf hit with a Blaze weapon, next activation hit again by Str3 AP-1 Dmg1 hit, runs 2d6" in random direction, then drops prone/pinned. Roll 1D6+1 per active friendly adjacent +2 if prone and 6+ removes condition.
BlindFighter loses their current or next Ready marker and can only Reaction attacks that hit on Natural 6
BrokenFighter can only perform Running for Cover (Double) action
InsaneRoll 1D6: 1-2: Fighter is Broken, 3-4: Enemy controls their actions, 5-6: Activates as normal and Passing a Will removes condition.
Prone & PinnedFighter can only perform Stand Up (Basic), Crawl (Double), Blind Fire (Double), or Reload (Simple) Actions.
Prone & Seriously InjuredFighter can only perform Crawl (Double) actions.
WebbedTreat as if Seriously Injured. On recovery check, if Flesh wound remove webbed, on Seriously Injured remains webbed, if Out of Action rolled treat as automatic (Out Cold) Lasting Injury. +1 to capture roll for each webbed target.

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Shooting & Close Combat Process
Here is a reference for how shooting works:

  1. Target Priority - unless otherwise specified due to equipment or skills, fighters will shoot the closest target based on the front vision arc and line of sight. Note that prone fighters in cover cannot be targeted.

  2. Make To-Hit Roll - with following modifiers
    • Partial Cover = -1
    • Full Cover = -2
    • Weapon accuracy = +/-?
    • Target is engaged = -1

    If a shot is modified past 6+ then it becomes an improbable shot. Roll to hit and on a '6' roll you can roll again with unmodified fighter BS.

  3. Target is pinned - unless otherwise specified due to equipment or skills, if the target is Standing and Active then they drop Prone and Pinned. Standing & Engaged fighters cannot be pinned.

  4. Roll Firepower Die - Every time a weapon is fired, roll an additional D6 and specify it as the Firepower die. If one isn't rolled I will roll it as part of the update process. If a '1' is rolled then make an immediate Ammo check or else weapon is Out of Ammo. For Rapid Fire weapons this determines how many hits will be rolled. Results as follows:
    '1' = 1 Hit + Ammo check  '2-3' = 1 Hit '4-5' = 2 hits '6' = 3 hits

  5. Resolve Hits - Any hits must test to see if they wound on the following basis:
    2+ = STR >= TOUGHx2
    3+ STR > TOUGH
    4+ STR = TOUGH
    5+ STR < TOUGH
    6+ STRx2 <= TOUGH

    Then roll armor saves (modified by weapon armor piercing profiles). Any unsaved hits get converted to wounds.

  6. Roll Injury Dice - If a fighter gets reduced to '0' then roll an Injury die. Any additional damage gets rolled as additional Injury dice.
    '1-2' = Flesh Wound '3-5' = Serious Injury '6' = Out of Action

  7. Resolve Templates - if a weapon uses a template, instead of rolling "to hit" any targets are automatically hit. Cover provides a bonus to saves: Partial Cover is +1 Armor Save, Full Cover is +2 to armor save result.

Close Combat
  1. Get into CC - the only way (barring skills or equipment) to become Engaged with a target is by charging or being charged.

  2. Adjust Facing - You may adjust the facing of a character but this imposes a -1 to their Hit rolls.

  3. Pick Weapons - A fighter can only use Melee or Sidearm trait weapons. Otherwise they can always perform Unarmed attacks that deal fighter's STR and Dmg1.

  4. Roll Attack Dice - Fighters get +1 Attacks for dual wielding and +1 Attacks for Charging. Attack Dice must be allocated per weapon but Sidearms can only be used once.

  5. Pick Targets - Attack dice can be split to target all eligable (front vision arc) targets. In general there will only ever be one target unless versatile weapons are used.

  6. Resolve Hit Dice - Sidearm accuracy bonuses are not used while Engaged. Targets get +1 for each friendly also Engaged with target and -1 for each enemy also Engaged with fighter as long as they are also not Engaged with other friends/foes.

  7. Resolve Hits - see above for shooting. Note Pistols used in combat roll Firepower dice same as always.

  8. Reaction Attacks - If there are still enemies Standing and Engaged with fighter, they get to perform reaction attacks (all of the above steps).

  9. Consolidate/Coup De Grace - If all enemies are Seriously Injured or Out of Action, the fighter can either move 2" immediately OR perform a single free Coup De Grace to put a Seriously Injured enemy out of action.

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Statuses Icons

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Wed 5 May 2021
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Statuses Icons
The creator of the tiles shown is Raybox Games (www.rayboxgames.com).

In exchange for a shout out they gave me access to all their tile art free of charge!

These tiles are specifically for their kickstarter: