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Mon 12 Apr 2021
at 16:09
[INFO] House Rules & PbP Updates
Here will hold house rules and changes/modifications that have to be made due to Play-by-post nature.
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Mon 12 Apr 2021
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Play-By-Post Updates
Maps Are Grids
  • Each square will represent 1" for purposes of movement, shooting and abilities.
  • Diagonals will count as 1.5" inches. This is fixed and either you can make the shot/move or not.
  • Initially maps will be restricted to Zone Mortalis rules. I am working on creating Sector Mecahnics maps but for now they were going to be mostly restricted to a single vertical plane.
  • In general maps will be restricted to smaller dimensions, if options are given. This means a typical battle will take place on roughly 2' x 2' battlefield with ~6 gangers on each side.
  • Combat will proceed as normal with each side activating one fighter. Underneath your narration you will need to post an orange OOC block detailing the actions being taken.

    Sample McXample
    Move (Simple) ->  From A12 -> A17
    Shoot (Basic) -> Targeting B14 with Autogun
    <dice rolls and results>

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Mon 12 Apr 2021
at 17:03
House Rules
Skills Updates
The following skills are being modified to make them more useful or applicable in the current game format:

  • Bulging Biceps (Brawn) - Can EITHER wield an unwieldy weapon with one hand OR shoot an Unwieldy weapon as a (Basic) move instead of a (Double). This cannot be adjusted with other abilities like Fast Shot.

  • Catfall (Agility) - In addition to existing benefits, if user falls into Pit, Furnace, or Trash Compactor instead of automatically getting a serious injury they can roll Lasting Injury as normal.

  • Clamber (Agility) - In addition to existing benefits, they can use this ability to climb out of Sludge Vats on same turn and can reroll fails on Flooded Passage and Open Sewage.

  • Escape Artist (Cunning) - In addition to existing benefits, the fighter can always attempt to escape capture as if they had a skin blade. If they also have a skin blade add +1 to result as per normal.

  • Headbutt (Brawn) - In addition to existing benefits, the fighter can perform a free Headbutt as part of a Charge action.

  • Hurl (Brawn) - Throw is D3" +1/2STR (round down).

  • Medicae (Savant) - Can assist all recovery checks within 2".

  • Impetuous (Ferocity) - Can use 4" consolidation to cover OR 2" consolidation to engage another fighter.

  • Iron Jaw (Brawn) - In addition to +2 Toughness vs. Unarmed attacks, also provides +1 Toughness for to resist Gas, Pulverize, Toxin, and Web.

  • Overseer (Leadership) - Requires to pass a leadership test to activate.

  • Restrain (Palatine) - This does put target Out of Action as per Coup de Grace.

Equipment House Rules
  • Hand Flamers count as Sidearms but do not use Template if used in Close Combat. Instead ALL other fighters (friends and foes) engaged take the hit.

Fighter Adjustments & Clarifications
  • Chaos Spawn - cannot be pinned even by Seismic.

Campaign House Rules
  • Fighters are freely allowed to return equipment back to the stash for re-equips after fights during post-battle HOWEVER gear purchased as part of character creation cannot be transferred to other characters. You can use it, stash it, or sell it. This is to avoid cheese where a Champion or Specialist is brought in with rare equipment to hand out to the
  • Alliances must be earned by satisfying certain objectives.
  • If an Alliance is broken that group cannot be allied with again for the remainder of the campaign AND any other rival gang can now ally with them without satisfying the conditions needed.
  • Giant killer rules will be in place. These are "underdog" perks that take place in two ways. First, if you have a lower gang rating then you may be eligible for extra rep or credits. Second, if you have a lower crew rating you may be eligible for a temporary hired gun or extra tactic cards etc. Note that this is dependent on scenario.
  • Alliance support crews add their crew ratings before calculating underdog bonuses. You're not the underdog if you're down by 300 but get an ~800 credit guilder crew to come fight along side you.
  • Hired Guns can be kept after a fight by paying 20% of their cost as a retainer.

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