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Mon 13 May 2019
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By joining this game you agree to the following rules:
  • The goal of the game is to have fun together, please work toward this goal.
  • The DM has the final say regarding rules. For the sake of momentum, I will try to rule quickly and, if uncertain, in favor of the PCs, but reserve the right to change the ruling for future incidents.
  • Pick a color for your character speech and keep it.
  • Orange will be use for OOC.
  • If not directly linked to the action, everything OOC will be discussed in The Green Room thread. Keep that room a friendly place to chat.
  • Red will be used for rolls, attacks, damages and results of skill checks.
  • DM will roll for initiative, and we will use Group Initiative: the highest initiative roll among the groups will determine group order; PCs will act in posting order irrespective of their initiative rolls.
  • Creativity (legends, songs, poems, ...) is encouraged and will be rewarded XP wise.
  • Don't be a one liner for your posts... unless you know you can't write a substantial post for a day or two and we're waiting on you.
  • Italic will be used for thoughts, ALL CAPS for yelling and smaller caps for whispering.
  • Check your grammar and punctuation.
  • All rolls need to be performed with the dice roller.
  • Please post regularly to avoid a slow down in the action.
  • The DM understands that everything happens in real life, if you are going to be unable to post for a short period, give notice to the DM, your character will be handled by the DM until you join us back.
  • The magic word is marginalia.

Posting Frequency

The expectation is that you will submit a 200-300 (or longer!) word post once a week, and a 25-100 word post twice a week. The longer posts are meant to flesh out character, generate NPC dialogue, and carry on plot momentum; the shorter posts are meant to describe discrete actions, such as making an attack, asking for the result of a skill check, or simply acknowledge that your character is paying attention while the other PCs chat up the NPCs. This posting rate is not mandatory so much as it is the desired average level of participation; IRL stuff can get in the way; sometimes there's not much for your PC to do in particular locations.

As much as possible, try to maintain the posting cycle; that is, for each DM post, each PC posts one reply, of either short or long variety. This will help prevent players being talked over and simplify the things I need to respond to. You may certainly quip once in reaction, but please do not engage in extended back-and-forth conversations.

Character creation:

Use the standard array 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
No multiclassing.
Use material from the Player's Handbook.
Character starts at 1st level.
No evil alignments.
Use either the equipment provided by your class and background or roll for your starting wealth according to the table in the Player's Handbook page 143. Inform the DM if you decide to roll.
Use the character sheet provided by the DM.
All characters roll at the beginning for a trinket and inform in private the DM.

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