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Magic Classes
 Verbal - Not shouting, but easily heard within 50'
 Somatic - Wide swings of the hands; easily seen within 100'
 Material - must be on person

 - Engineers. Technicians. They've studied what sorcerers do and imitate.
 - Not able to multiclass into without 12 months' downtime

 Natural expressions of raw creation through bloodlines
 Have less control over their spell selection as it is an expression, not a conscious choice
 [Get X spells? Player selects 3 spells, DM randomly selects 2 spells, roll for which spell]
 -- Bard: similar source, but without the bloodline traits, more control over spells

 Their god uses the cleric as a channel; their faith makes this possible. Great magic requires great faith
 Loss of faith results in loss of magic
 Requires novitiate
 -- Paladin; similar source and reliance, though deific power flows more into martial ability

 Pure amoral creative energy. Uses ley lines and their capillaries.
 They have no magic of their own, only redirect magic in the land
 Their magic is most sensitive to geography.
 - Ranger. Similar connection to nature

 Is bestowed with power by entity through pact.
 Must also perform other tasks.
 Are occasionally visited by messengers, in dreams, waking visions, and reality.