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Mon 1 Mar 2021
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Ballads Songs Snatches
Game Introduction

Sit! children and listen to the story of Aethelborough, ancient in name, proud in bearing, wicked in purpose.

Learn of its growth from a small timid mining encampment to the well-established city of industry, its bright virtue and shadowy corners. Gods contended among each other and moved their mortal pawns upon the board, animated by un-guessed-at goals. Hear of the pride and arrogance of mere men, the savagery and instinct of beasts. Never was security assured, and truly the foundations of empire were ever the bleached and cracked bones of nameless aspiring heroes, told only by the faded carvings placed before mossy cairns. Wolves and goblins threatened its humble beginnings; dark rumblings from beyond the mountains shake its sturdy walls; all the while whispers ran through the dim and spider-haunted forest valley.

The Song of Creation echoes in the past, each verse building towards an uncertain future we now inhabit. Come, sit with me. Put aside the distractions of the day, the chores that await you and will await you still.

The song of which you are a part begins.
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Mon 1 Mar 2021
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Hello! Welcome to Ballads, Songs, and Snatches; thank you for your interest.

This game is designed to deal with the common experience of RPoL: massive initial interest followed by players ghosting. To that purpose, our story here will be episodic: your PCs will stay with you for an adventure (or two), then become part of the wider (NPC) world. The timeline will advance as the minstrel moves on to telling another chapter of Aethelborough's past, and a new party of PCs are created. PC parties will be small affairs of 3 characters to avoid the common problem of social RP paralysis and combat lag. I know this might result in a one-on-one story, and I'm happy to do so to finish out the episode.

Players will stay so long as you wish, are able to post frequently, stay engaged, and keep the story moving. I hesitate to put a number on "frequently" here; we'll hash that out in OOC once the party is gathered. While I hope to find a cohesive group of players from the beginning, I know both my ability to do so and the constraints of real life make that improbable to impossible.

This game is marked Adult for the purposes of age-filtering. I am not interested in intimate role-play, nor in excessive descriptions of gore. The latter may be used sparingly when I feel the narrative would be improved; the former will result in fades to black.

Character Creation:
PCs will start at 1st level using the standard array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

I'm not so much interested in finding PC concepts as I am interested in finding players. At first you'll be asked to work within constraints: this is to ensure a cohesive party with baked-in constraints at the outset of an adventure. For an example of the kinds of constraints I'll be asking you to create within:

   PC #1
   Race: Human
   Religion: Pelor
   Alignment: Any Non-Evil
   Background: [player discretion]
   Party Role(s): Social skills
   Relationships: sibling of PC #2

I will not flatly assign a set of constraints, but ask you to rank order your preference from among 6 of them; I'll use those rankings to assign a best-fit of party roles.

I know imaginative RPGers chafe at constraints like this, but I have never played in a successful game where personal expression hasn't been intentionally subordinated to party cohesion. Please indulge me at the outset; players who stay with the game will be given greater latitude with subsequent PCs.

For now, here's what I'd like on your RTJ:

Experience with RPGs:
Experience with RPoL:
What gaming styles you most prefer (RP/combat heavy; Grimdark/Noblebright; plot/player focused; etc):
Preferred Posting Rate:
What DM habit do you enjoy most:
What DM habit do you enjoy least:
Writing Sample:
Please write a few paragraphs that demonstrate a character's personality through his actions. (EG: describe a rogue being deceitful without saying "he's deceitful".) You may copy/paste from another PC of yours on RPoL if you wish. Bonus points for clarity and formatting.

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