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Thu 16 May 2019
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This game is using the Green Ronin ASOIF tabletop RPG rules. All the players in this game will be associated with a player created noble house, being either part of the family, close relatives or noble wards, retainers serving the family or whatever else is appropriate. The highs and lows of the noble house will be shared by all and this game will be built more on cooperation then conflict between player characters (though that's not to be ruled out either).

Thematicaly, expect less politicking in King's Landing and grand tourneys, more survival and preparation against the coming winter, battles against the unknown and securing alliances with the other lords to weather the coming storm. Expect the supernatural parts of the novels to play a much bigger part than in most other games.

Feel free to include a "backup character" in case your chosen role is already taken or your main character doesn't fit into the game.

You can include a character sheet if you want, but that's not needed at this phase.


Character Name - If you want to be part of the main family, then first name is enough, until the name of the Noble House is finalized.

Age - Number and Category (Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Middle-Aged, Old, Venerable etc.)

Role - Head of House, Lady of the House, Heir, First-born Daughter, Cousin, Noble Ward, Lady-in-Waiting, Captain of Guard, Retainer, Ranger, Maester, Septon, Red Priest, Greenseer etc.

Character Concept - Personality, appearance, notable events in their life etc.

Abilities - What abilities will the character be mainly good at (say, Survival, Marksman, Athletics).

Flaws - Any notable plot-important Flaws you wish to take. This need not be final, just so I can know what to expect.

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