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Sat 24 Apr 2021
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(IC) The Jedi Temple: Ship Area
The area normally housing many ships of the Jedi lie mainly dorment. A transport ship lies against the far wall with a Jedi guarding it. He speaks into his comlink upon occasional but stand there, watching the area. Several other Jedi take off in their ships. Other land and enter the temple. But for the most part, everything is quiet. The ramp leading into the ship is closed but it looks like some work has been done previously by either Juls or someone else. Most know the Jedi have lost but have won the battle of Geonois. There are several clone troopers around but most are in designated areas-the areas that would be in turned targeted if the Jedi are to be attacked.

And with the Senate going back and forth with several issues, with Palpatine taking charge no one knows where to turn. Jedi have their own stakes. Same as the Senate. And theres other rival factions as well on Corusant.

Entering the area is the cathar. He speaks quietly to another Jedi who inform him that the location of the Seperatists is private and being taken care of. But by the look of the Cathar everything seems to be not taken care of and the man seems uneasy. He lets him know that a private gathering is going to take place but not by him. And soon.

A young Jedi enters from the temple as well, watching the ship and sighing. She won't hear the end of it from her sister that doesn't like staying in one spot-not even for a minute. And now she's 'locked' on the planet for smuggling it seems. When Jul arrives they may need more Guardians to calm her down! And with her master on a mission....she has no one to turn to. Well she has other Jedi but it is different.

Jirana Narisha
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Mon 26 Apr 2021
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(IC) The Jedi Temple: Ship Area
Jirana is a bit shake up; she's not used to the temple being so empty, or to it having soldiers in it. When she enters the Docking Bay, the unease doesn't go away, with the docking bay being rather empty too. But being worried isn't really in her nature. She hurries over to her sister's ship; this will be tricky, and she can't rely on her master to sort it out either.
Julianna Loanan
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Tue 27 Apr 2021
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(IC) The Jedi Temple: Ship Area
Julianna was pissed. A young woman that wore her emotions on her sleeve, it was clear what her mood was, and her temper. First it had been having her ship grounded. Then, she found out her parents were 'unavailable,' which to her meant 'missing.' And the couple guys she had left as crew had left to join Jennings, who was both mobile and had a few more credits to share, so they left. His big ass smile and seeming pity were not what she needed, even after a few drinks. She was lucky they led her out of the Cantina, and didn't let her stay to blow him into little pieces. Not that the thought of that made her feel a little better.

It was with all of those thoughts that she entered the Ship Area of the Jedi Temple. She hadn't had a chance to clean up, so she still wore her beat-up leather jacket, her equally worn pants, the tall boots she loved that felt more comfortable than slippers, and her black cloak, which helped hide the fancy blaster that was her joy, and the riot stick she wore on the other hip. Her hair was in a loose ponytail and her eyes flashed with anger as she entered...

And stopped. There was someone poking around her ship... HER ship. And the robes indicated a Jedi of some kind. Breathing out a curse, she strode with heavy steps over to the stranger, wondering what other joy awaited her... maybe confiscating her ship? Or a fine she couldn't pay? Or something worse? At least the stranger was her size.

She walked up, then let out a breath of unhappiness. "Hey! That's my ship! And I don't need anyone poking around it without my permission. So why don't you just turn around and find another..."

She stopped. Was that... Did she recognize that figure? She moved her hand from her blaster, still keeping it ready as she hesitated...
Urisca Ro
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Tue 27 Apr 2021
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(IC) The Jedi Temple: Ship Area
Ursica stalked along the corridors of the temple, at least those that were open to the public. So far these Jedi were less than forthcoming or they actually didn't know anything. Which was less than confidence inspiring for a group that supposedly had the well being of the Republic as their main goal. Seemed like every one he tried to speak with either pointed him toward another and another and so on. He was starting to get rather annoyed.

As he entered the port he heard a shout from somewhere off to his right. A human female was striding across the bay toward a young female Jedi shouting something about leaving her ship alone. At least he wasn't the only one having a bad day.