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The Force
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Fri 4 Jun 2021
at 01:05
(IC) The Ship
After a hour passed and all the gear needed is place onto the ship other then what is on it, Jul rests in the cockpit ready to take off. The jedi healer walks into the med bay, which is fully equipped. It even has some vines and other medical herbs along the sides. It looks relaxing. Elsewhere, Shade is in the main area with Novu. But the tech specialist remains unknown-perhaps in the storage area or the engineering bay. The shift lifts up, and it seems to be working very well. It turns and moves along the bay area then slips outside. At the end of the jedi airport, the ship is pushed upwards and the ship is now airborn. Soon the ship has left Corusant heading for the icy planet.

Jirana Narisha
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Tue 8 Jun 2021
at 06:19
(IC) The Ship
Jirana fusses over her stuff as she puts it away, then makes an inspection of the medical bay. She is pleased it is so well equipped, but very nervous because she is not used to going on missions without her master.
Julianna Loanan
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Wed 9 Jun 2021
at 03:56
(IC) The Ship
Julianna made her way to the cockpit, remembering what Novu had told her. She had a good engineer, and she knew that her sister might be able to handle healing. The Clone could do guns. The rest, she was not so sure.

So she hoped Novu heard her, and came to the cockpit. Then, one or both of them could navigate.

She settled in her familiar seat. "All on board? Doors closing, prepare for flight. Hang on. The Talon's Wings are unfurling!"

She hesitated. The Jedi's words echoed in her head. "We will speak in private before you leave alright?" That worried her. So she closed the doors and waited for him to speak to her.