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The Signal
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
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Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
Episode 1 – Not Alone

You thought there would be dreams.

Certainly, before you left Earth, the doctors indicated there would be dreams. All trial runs of the cryogenic technology had resulted in people reporting dreams when they woke up – albeit long, slow, meandering dreams consisting, the doctors say, of half-hearted firings of the neurons triggered by the small amounts of oxygen kept suspended in the cryogenic fluid, included to stave off lasting tissue damage.

The cryogenic suspension process was an intense surgical procedure, and, of course, you weren't awake for it. The last thing any of you remember is an anaesthesiologist counting slowly down from ten with you.









What comes after five?

Then darkness.

And there were dreams at first. Dreams of home. Dreams of far-away worlds, of strange landscapes where, bizarrely, people from your past would somehow turn up. Dreams of those you leave behind, and those who are coming with you. All of it was mixed together, as dreams always were. But as you flew away from Earth, as the untold months flitted past and your brains settled into their isolated hibernation, the dreams grew more and more sluggish. It would seem that moments would stretch into years, into lifetimes, into centuries and eternities.

And then, nothing.

For longer than you can fathom, nothing. Endless, deep gulfs of nothingness that your mind wanders in for who knows how long. You forget yourself. Your mission. The whole world outside your snug little tube and your endless black void.


That's the first thing you become aware of. A deep, bone-shaking, numbing cold, chilling you to your core. Then a feeling of closeness – soft, padded walls closing in on you, thrumming with heat against your naked skin. Then a little flashing green light.

The thawing sequence. Of course. You're still in the tube. In medlab. You must have been taken out of storage. And if you press that button... your friends will be outside, ready to embark with you on the adventure of a lifetime. A whole new world – quite literally – awaits just outside this cryo tube. And probably a set of clothes, too.

OOC: Go ahead and introduce yourselves formally into the game space. You're all exiting into the same room – the cavernous main medbay, on the second rotating section – but you have curtains dividing you for privacy, so it's not immediately apparent just how few people are awake.

There are clothes waiting for you right next to the cryotubes.

John B. Willow
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 16:57
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
John had spent billions of other people's money to make sure he wouldn't be alone for the 100 years of cyro-sleep.

It didn't work.

At first he dreamed of his late wife just fine; but like all dreams, her responses were the ones his subconscious would play out. He soon realized this was not his wife, just his imagination. Soon after the dreams stopped all together.

When he finally felt himself breathe again he instinctively hit the button.  He heard the mechanical sounds of the pod opening, but his vision was still dark. He laid back and focused on breathing, it hurt.

Surely someone would be rushing to attend to him. He was important, wasn't he? Well, everyone is important. He couldn't remember.

"Hello? This is Willow. Serial USAX91739"

At least he remembered his name and number.
Marc Ziegler (Ziggy)
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 17:28
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
"Marc Ziegler, USAY11598," Ziggy called in response. Others might find his voice strangely muffled, and if they could see through the privacy screen they'd know that he'd literally fallen on his face. He'd been reaching for the uniform that had been left for him, and whoo! went his knees. He'd managed to get an arm across his face to protect his nose from being broken, but Ziggy could taste blood from biting his lip.

He rolled over. The lights were courteously dimmed for sleepy, cryo-weakened eyes, but he still found them too bright. Maybe if he wasn't laying flat on his back, staring up at them, that would be more comfortable? He used his feet and elbows to push himself into a seated position against the cryo-tube.

Testing his legs, he found a tremor in both knees. He had enough motor control to get his pants on, at least. But standing up was going to be tricky, and walking would be a fucking adventure. He'd spent years learning to play tricks with gravity. Now gravity was getting a little payback.

"Engineering," he added as an afterthought.
John B. Willow
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 17:54
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
"Ziggy!" Willow called out, half laughing, half crying. It was so good to hear a human voice again.

He quickly wiped his eyes. He couldn't let anyone see him crying.
Magnus Olsen
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 17:57
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay

There were dreams as well, interspersed, just enough to lull a sleeper into dropping their guard, and then nightmares again.

Most were based in fact. A line of people snaking off into the horizon, sun burnt, bloated, hollow eyed and fragile. They waited for the water truck, colorful buckets and battered jugs in hand.

Crowds, an endless crowd of all shapes colors and sizes, surging, screaming, the acrid smell of black smoke on the air co-mingled with stinging tear gas. Gunshots, more screams. Even as tall as he was, he could not see anything over the heads of the impossibly vast throng.

Running feet, echos, fast breathing. A man squats over a body in the woods, he had a kitchen knife, just a normal kitchen knife. He is hungry, so hungry. He looks up and around warily, with shame in his eyes. It's all happened before, and it will all happen again.

Nothingness. It's over. It's all over.


Green. A little spot of bright green. He focuses on it. So impossibly bright. He knows where he is now. It comes back quickly. He can tell you with fine detail exactly what his body is doing. It's somehow worse for those with medical knowledge he things. He can see his lungs straining in his minds eye, he can feel the valves in his heart. He can see his muscles, gray and anaerobic, like a chunk of meat left in the fridge for too long.

He waits, can hear movement somewhere, but he nestles into that warming pad and just soaks it up. Warmth is good. Warmth is life.

It is not long before he feels a wave of nausea, then another. The thought of being sick in his tube spurs him into motion and he presses the button. He hangs there in half in, half out, breathing heavily and trying not to vomit. A string of drool runs from his numb lips and he wipes at it, then looks up and around. He knows those names.

It worked. It really worked.

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Rebecca Byrne
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 22:30
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
She gasped and opened her eyes and what had been mere blurry confusion resolved instantly into perfect needle-sharp pain, icicle spikes driven into her temples with glacier hammers.  Reflexively recoiling against the source of the agony, moving to fling her hands over her eyes, she thumped her limbs and forehead against enclosing obstacles, and for a moment there was just confusion again, until her flailing happened to mash the release button for the lid of the cryopod, and the whoosh and hiss of being spilled back into the world brought everything rushing back.

She sat up with the heels of her hands clamped over her clenched-closed eyes, some detached analytical corner of her brain taking a moment to marvel at the intensity and clarity of the pain.  "...mmmmhh...whhhat the ffuck...." she drawled blearily, as her breath and her sense slowly drifted within fighting distance.

"... Hypatia, dim the lights to ten percent," she called out into the general emptiness, realizing as she did that hers wasn't the only voice breaking the soft near-silence of the whir and hum of the ship.

"... Captain?"
John B. Willow
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 22:54
Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
"Captain?" The voice was familiar. His heart rushed with adrenaline. Was the officer on deck? Was he expecting all of them to stand at attention and salute? John didn't even know if he could stand and salute.

Captain Eric Hash was a strict officer, Willow always butt heads with him, but it was the Air Force and mavericks were always supposed to butt heads with their captains.

Willow wasn't feeling much like a maverick at the moment. He saluted the darkness.

"Captain." He said with as much dignity as he could muster.
Marit Jorikson
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
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Scene One: Full Cast - Medbay
Marit didn’t remember his dreams.

At least not in any detail. They’d assured him there would be-- not that he cared much. Sleep was sleep, whether you were dreaming or not. He remembered feeling unhappy, feeling determined, feeling isolated, feeling confident, and then feeling nothing.

And right now, he was feeling sick. The docs had made them all fast before putting them to sleep, and he hadn’t eaten in a hundred years but he still felt like throwing up. Go figure.

A faint green light pulsed through his eyelids, revealing itself as a tiny diode on the inner surface of the pod, right above his face. The button to open the thing, he knew, was conveniently right next to his hand and when he pushed it the hissing sounds of seals breaking and hydraulics working filled his ears. He sat up and swung his legs over the side, then just sat for a moment with his elbows on his knees to take a few slow, deep breaths. 

His heart was racing and his hands trembling, but that would go away soon. Should go away soon.

Captain?  Captain. he heard, the voices familiar and after a few seconds' thought, recognizable as Byrne’s and Willow’s. Who, it sounded like, was addressing someone else. Someone who, Marit knew, didn’t exist.

“Jorikson here, ISRS30948,” he called, rolling his eyes where no one could see. “And you're the Captain.”

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