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The Signal
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
The corridors near the end of the ship are starkly utilitarian in nature, as opposed to the main crew areas. Used mainly for maintenance and occasionally moving equipment around, the walls are bare metal with no decoration other than the occasional "Sarah was here," or "Mike made this" graffiti. As they're not designed to be seen by anyone other than the engineering staff, covering up the builders' scribbles was a low priority. There aren't even many signs saying which corridor leads where-- if someone's authorized to be back here, they're expected to know.

Halfway down one of the corridors, a panel marked "23" has been removed and leaned against the wall, revealing a crawlspace leading into the ship's innards. Marit leans against the wall just outside, a portable terminal in his hand and two bottles of water near his feet. Ziggy is somewhere inside the space between the hulls. One hopes.

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Marit Jorikson
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Tue 15 Oct 2019
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Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
Marit bent to grab one of the waterbottles and take a small sip, then put it back down and turned back to the hand terminal, currently linked to the little drone following Ziggy. He'd lost any decent video a while ago when the crawlspace had gotten small enough that the kid actually needed to crawl, without even enough room for the tiny drone to keep on watching over his shoulder. So Marit had set it to hover just outside the tight spot, deciding that watching a feed of darkness filled with clanking noises and the occasional sliver of light was better than watching a lengthy closeup of Ziggy's ass.

He switched to the dosimeter readout, and frowned slightly. Not up to concerning levels yet, but it was slowly and steadily climbing upwards. "Take a break, Chief," Marit suggested, switching back to the drone-control program and tapping the transmit button. "You been crawling around for what, an hour? Come on out and have a stretch and some water, work the kinks out."
Marc Ziegler (Ziggy)
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Tue 15 Oct 2019
at 23:43
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"You won't need to suggest that twice," Ziggy agreed, shoving himself backward down the access tube. He wasn't claustrophobic by nature, but an hour in one of those things was starting to give him the heebiest of jeebies.

There was a brief moment of panic as his belt loop caught on something, arresting his movement and sticking him securely in place. He shoved harder, but didn't move for several seconds. Then the belt loop either popped free or broke, and he slid back easily.

"I might need a hand," he said as he began to emerge from the crawlspace. His legs hadn't wanted to work at all for a while, not so long ago. Then he put them through this wringer. "Or new legs."
Marit Jorikson
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Wed 16 Oct 2019
at 00:30
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"Well, you are eighty years older now," Marit replied, silently relieved that he hadn't needed to either argue with or go in and drag Ziggy out. Especially the going-in part. "Welcome to bein' old."

He pushed himself off the wall and stepped over to the hatch, sticking the terminal in his pocket, and extended a hand to pull the younger man out if he needed it. "I spotted a bunch of dents and scrapes, but none of them looked intentional. Probably some builder turnin' around too fast and knocking their toolbox into stuff. Marked 'em for a second look, though. Anything in that tube? Wasn't enough room to get the drone in too."
Marc Ziegler (Ziggy)
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Wed 16 Oct 2019
at 18:46
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"There weren't any overt signs of sabotage," Ziggy said, accepting the hand up but still wobbling badly despite the help. "Which is almost funny, because the image is so statistically close to impossible that there might as well be a neon sign saying 'Overt Sign of Sabotage Here!' But I can study the failed parts closer once I have them in my workshop, and then we can really see what happened.

"You know, I didn't think to say this earlier, but do you suppose we might have an intruder onboard? This sort of thing doesn't seem like it could have just been arranged to happen eighty years ahead of schedule."

Marit Jorikson
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Fri 18 Oct 2019
at 06:05
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
Marit helped Ziggy pull himself out of the hatch and onto his feet, catching his shoulders and holding him steady for a few moments when he turned out to be more than a little bit unstable. His own tremors, lessened since waking but still present, were fortunately masked by simply having something in his hands. Or, if there wasn't anything to hold on to, by being hidden in his pockets or folded across his chest. "Slow up," he said, carefully guiding the younger man over a few steps to transfer his weight to the wall. "It'll pass. Have a drink, sit if it helps.

"I thought that too,"
Marit went on as he passed Ziggy the unopened waterbottle, somewhat surprised that the engineer had had the idea. Being paranoid was part of his own job description, Marit knew, but he didn't recall it being in anyone else's. "Ship hasn't any lifesigns between launch and when we woke up recorded, though. No movement or sounds neither, least not on fast scan, men with the right codes someone could cut themself from the logs."

He returned to his previous spot against the opposite wall, sipping at his own water then said, half to Ziggy and half thinking out loud, "Some of us up got those, but unless someone's fakin' their cryo-hangover noone had the chance. Anyone from Earth would've kicked it already and all tubes 'cept ours show occupied still, so if someone is here I got no idea how they got on. Next move is to sit and hand-check everything-- started earlier, but most of it, the logs and such, they're just rotvšlska-- only things I get are the AVs. Take a titta at this though,"

Marit put the bottle down and pulled the terminal back out, tapped around until he found what he was looking for, and then handed it across the narrow corridor before setting the bottle down again and shoving both hands back into his pockets. "Only not-normal thing I seen so far. Can't even figure if it's en actual thing, or camera misstag."
Marc Ziegler (Ziggy)
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Mon 21 Oct 2019
at 20:11
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"Thanks." Ziggy took the proffered water and helped himself to a long pull from the bottle. He listened to Marit's musings without interrupting. He was probably right about there not being intruders on board, Ziggy decided... but the implications were disturbing. Who had sabotaged the ship, and how, and why? Nothing made sense.

When Marit offered Ziggy the portable data terminal, Ziggy set the bottle aside and took the device with both hands. His fingers were still a little numb from the cold in the crawlspace between the hulls, and he didn't want to drop it. He looked at the image for several long seconds.

"What the heck am I looking at?"

Marit Jorikson
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Tue 29 Oct 2019
at 21:57
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"Play it again," Marit said, keeping his voice even. He hadn't noticed it the first time either, though he also hadn't known there was something there to be noticed. "On the right side. There's like a . . . I don't know. Looks like a shadow or something to me. Doesn't move across the whole frame, it's just there for a blink or two then it's gone. And that panel next to the door goes from straight to just barely off straight. Timestamp skips a little bit, too."

He pulled a hand out and scratched his chin, then shrugged and shoved it back into his pocket. "I can't tell if it's a glitch, or if someone messed with it. Far as I know, it's only you, me, Byrne, and the Captain that even have the codes to get in there, and I know it wasn't me. I don't even know how to."

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Marc Ziegler (Ziggy)
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Thu 31 Oct 2019
at 15:41
Scene 5: Marit and Ziggy - Hull Maintenance Access #2
"And none of us could have messed with the security recordings while in cryo-sleep," Ziggy added, restating the obvious. Nobody was available to sabotage the systems, and yet somebody had. "HYPATIA could have done it, but she would have done it a lot better than this."

He held up the data-pad and turned it. Turned it more. Squinted. Held it at arm's length, then close-up.

"It's something," he said. "I doubt that this is a glitch. But I can't figure out for the life of me what that something is. A ghost? I dunno.

"The slight warp to the wall panel confounds me, though. Some sort of lensing property?"