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Setting Information
The Faith of the Hundred Gods
In times before history was properly recorded, mankind worshipped many gods, but each tribe had their own pantheon and these bartered dark powers to mankind in return for faith, prayer and sacrifices.  Mankind was unenlightened,fearful and harried by the Darkness.  They sought some means of defence and their gods provided that - for a price: The souls of the dead, and those scarified in their name, became the food on which such gods grew fat.

Not all gods sought such empowerment.  Some were dismayed that humanity would tear themselves apart for the power to live on in unwholesome lives.  When a boy called Cyzar found a power within himself and a means to channel their divine energy (as the first Paladin, and the first Theocrat), he was able to raise a faith that cared not for tribal affiliation but for peace, love and prosperity as well as justice and strength. He became a beacon for others, and the Hundred Gods was begun in earnest.

Six hundred and seven years have passed since Cyzar enlightened upon the mountainside, discovering the means to use divine energies for good while battling wolves to protect his flock of sheep.  In that time, the Hundred Gods as done much to protect the different tribes of mankind. The Darkness - the Gods who refuse to join the Hundred Gods - seek to return their tribal members back to the old ways so that they can glut themselves upon the death and war that would ensue. Demons offer vast rewards for those that would serve the Darkness or sell their soul for just a taste of power. The restless dead emerge to serve their vile god-kings once more and ancient evils, older than the world itself, seek to claim the soul-stuff of humanity in an orgasmic feast.

Game Comment:
Where are the 'demi-humans'?
This game is a Human-only campaign.  Non-human humanoids do exist, but they are NPCs only.  The Elves frolic in the woodlands and worship their own god.  The dwarves dig far underground and seek for ever-more powerful sorcerous power.  The Hobbits were all eaten by a vile dragon by the name of Smaug, etc.

Why is this?  I want this game to be more 'horror' than 'action-adventure' and so I need to bring the atmosphere closer to Earth to make it feel more realistic. As well, all human feels right for the setting and ideas in this game. 

Among the Hundred Gods are several important dieties.  These include:
  • Erastil
  • Iomedae
  • Torag
  • Sarenrae
  • Shelyn
  • Desna
  • Cayden Cailean
  • Abadar
  • Irori
  • Gozreh
  • Pharasma
  • Nethys
  • Gorum

These are by no means the only gods, but many of the more well known of the pantheon.  Some gods replicate the domains of other gods (for instance, Baccob is a lesser known god with the same purview as Nethys) but all receive their share of the worship when praised as a Pantheon by the Faith.

The Wider World
The Hundred Gods is a single faith that spans many countries across a continent of tall mountains and dark forests.  The Nekovka Valley is but one of several locations within this continent which has many notable locations.  The main is the Holy City, built on the site of Cyzar's martyrdom against the Darkness less than ten years into his ministry. From the Holy City, the Preisthood directs the various Paladin orders and monastic organisations in an effort to dispel the darkness banish the evil from the land.

The Nekovka Valley
Cupped in the dark hand of the Dracul Nest Mountains, the town of Nekovka rests uneasily.  Originally settled by one of the bold and fearless Vulg tribes out of the north, the settlers quickly fell prey to dark sorcery and became the thralls of the Serpent, Dracul. Only when the might of the Hundred Gods was brought to the valley were the Boyar and his people freed.  This was nearly two centuries go.

Since then, the Hundred Gods has watched the valley and claimed some of the children as initiates in their military or priesthood.  The faith raised a Temple Fortress at the mouth of the pass to the valley, and another at the end of the wide bowl of mountains, protecting the people from the dangers of the Devil Lands.  Though, in all that time, the High Reverend Uncles have reported the town and its people 'strong of the faith', there have always been rumours of inhabitants who returned to the old ways, the old beliefs - and the dark power that comes with such insidious ways.

The Vuloka Temple
The Temple is more a fort than church, housing a shrinking monastic order of holy warriors that guard the Fang Road and the trade that passes ever more rarely along it. They recently were embroiled in a scandal as one of their members, passed over for leadership of the order, instead took to banditry and defiled their good name. Luckily, this renegade was captured and awaits transportation to the Holy City for trail.

The Devil Lands
Around seventy years ago, a great volcano to the West exploded and the year was marked with powerful earthquakes.  The Devil Lands were formed - hard, igneous rocks pushed up at weird angles and noxious gasses hung in deep crevasses.  And from the depths of the world came all manner of evils.

The Ruthven Garrison
Was built shortly after the formation of the Devil Lands, to watch for natural threats from that broken land, with members of the Vulokan Order and warriors from Nekovka.

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Setting Information

1 Hex = 5 Miles

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