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Sun 26 May 2019
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Sending an RTJ & Character Creation
When you send an RTJ, you will see the following text:

Thank you for the interest in the game. If you are sending an initial RTJ for this game, please DO NOT send a sheet. Perhaps its just me but I am more interested in engaging, cool characters than I am with statistics on a sheet. Instead, please divulge the following:

(Very) Brief backstory
Aims, goal, motivation
Relationship with 'the Faith'

Please remember, only Human character and classes from the Core will be accepted.

If your concept is accepted, then the character creation process can begin.  We'll be using the point-buy system to generate Attributes (15 points to spend for a Standard Fantasy game).  All classes from the Core will be allowed (though the Monk class might be a little of a hard sell, thought not impossible).

Characters will begin at 4th level, too.

For some ideas of the sorts of names that might be common, check out this site for some simple given names.

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