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Dusara: The city and it's environs
Dusara is an old city. Very old. Older, certainly, than the Kushite empire, whose rulers now own the city. Older, according to some, than the worship of Itara and their children. The old Tamarit clans speak of the city on it's hill existing in the time when they were still roaming into the south of Kush regularly, though their oldest tales mention the hill itself as a sight of ancient ritual importance. It is now the seat of the Governor of Daksina province, one of the richest provinces in Kush, who's power is widely considered second only to the Maharaja's family and High Priesthood.

The wealth of the city is based on the fertile soils that surround it, the large population of the province, and the provinces' proximity to the border with the Kingdom of Amalt to the south and the mountain passes to Coris to the west. Trade flows to, and through, the city, as the roads through the thick jungle that cover most of Daksina funnel all the traffic to her gates, and the jungle wildlife and bandits make travel along unofficial routes treacherous.

As a result of her great age, and her position as a trade and travel hub, Dusara has a highly diverse population, with Corisians, Amaltians, Shiamites and Tamarit all living alongside the Kushite natives. Humans, orks, half-orks, halflings and gnomes are all represented in fair numbers, and there is even a small dwarven enclave; providing firearms and expert smithing to those wealthy enough to afford them.

The city is roughly divided into three parts: the Inner City, where the higher castes live and work; the Outer City, where the lower castes live, and the Lower City, outside the city walls and below the hilltop that the city dominates. The Inner City is separated from the Outer City by a huge, well-maintained curtain wall, with a single gate connecting the two: a massive construction of ebony wood held together with gilded bolts and burnished brass. They are traditionally left open at all times, save during times of war, and guarded by the highest ranking Televara in the city. While the Inner City is full of manor houses and fabulous gardens, the Outer City is a maze of streets, alleys, cellars, tunnels and rooftops. Surrounding the Outer City is a second wall, once higher and thicker than that surrounding the Inner City, but now slowly succumbing to time and scavenging, as long years of peace have resulted in a lack of maintenance

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