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1625 March: Appointments (wip)

Inspector General of Cavalry: Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Chéron (SL 12)
Inspector General of Infantry: Vicomte Axel Pomeroy (SL 10, MA 10)

Royal Governor of Paris: Lieutenant-General Baudouin Anouilh

Commander of the Night Watch: Major Justin Vaillancourt
Captain of the Night Watch: Captain Porthos Bonnot

Commandant of the Military Academy: Lieutenant General José Lemoine (SL 11, MA 5)

Royal Governor of Normandy: Lieutenant-General Pierre-Louis Marchal
Royal Governor of Flanders: Lieutenant-General Abeau Benett
Royal Governor of Aquitaine: Lieutenant-General Bertrand Leblanc
Royal Governor of Burgundy: Lieutenant-General Anatole Bocuse
Royal Governor of Languedoc: Lieutenant-General Claude D'Amboise
Royal Governor of Provence: Lieutenant-General Maximilien Toussaint

Aide to the Field Marshal: Lieutenant-Colonel Gérald Pascal
Aide to the Crown Prince: Captain Auguste De Verley

Captain of the Cardinal's Escort: Captain Joseph Dubost (MA 5)
Ensign of the Cardinal's Escort: Subaltern Olivier Ardouin (MA 3)

Captain of the King's Escort: Captain Robin Courbis (MA 1)
Ensign of the King's Escort: Subaltern Amadou Morin (MA 1)


Field Marshal: Chevalier Gaby d'Ailly (MA 7)

Maurice Beauchamp (SL 15, MA 7)

Lieutenant Generals:
  • le Vicomte Axel Pomeroy (SL 10, MA 10)
  • Jean-Baptiste Chéron (SL 12, MA 8)
  • José Lemoine (SL 11, MA 5)

Brevet Lieutenant-Generals:
  • Baron Armand Lebeau (SL 11, MA 7)
  • François Lémery (S 8, MA 5)

  • le Baron Remy de Bouchard (SL 7, MA 6)
  • Josselin Lazard (SL 6, MA 4)
  • Thaddée Solé (SL 8, MA 4)

Brevet Brigadier-Generals:
  • Hubert Cortot (SL 10, MA 2)


Minister of State: Comte Yves d'Ardouin
Minister of War: Vicomte Yves de Bocuse
Minister of Justice: Baron Florian de Rochefort
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Baron Lucien de Maret

Préfect de Police: Chevalier Lucas du Quint
Royal Executioner: Monsieur Adrien Auclair


Archbishop of Notre Dame: Sacha Delafose of Paris
Papal Envoy: Cardinal Remy Saunier
Abbes of Notre Dame Cathedral: Thibaud Allaire
Inquisitor: Canon Max Balzac


Maid of Honour to Her Majesty: Comtesse Nadia de Brunelles
Maid of Honour to Her Royal Highness: Comtesse Désirée de Neuvier
Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty:
  • Marquess Michelle de Jacquemin (#15)
  • Countess Madeleine de Jauffret

Ladies in Waiting to Her Royal Highness:
  • Chevalieuse Jasmine de Lemaigre
  • Marquess Gilberte de Vigouroux

Maîtresse-en-titre His Royal Highness: Vicomtesse Clarisse de Mesny
Maîtresse-en-titre le Cardinal: Baroness Tiphaine de Siltzheim

Principal of the Academy of Etiquette: Madmoiselle Raymonde Gérin-Lajoie (#9)
Matron of the Hostel: Madmoiselle Catherine Camille (#16)

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