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1625 April: Greasy Pole
Greasy Pole April 1625
IDNameProvinceSLSPsCashRank, Regiment/AppointmentMA/EALast seenSalonHouseEstatesECDuelling Record
ALBaron Armand LebeauProvence12+40ComfyBrevet Lieutenant-General7Raymonde Gérin-LajoieLe Marais-6(2)1-/-
LdALuc d'AounAquitania8+26PoorMajor, Crown Prince Cuirassiers5Marianne BechardScudery's--2-/-
BGBeau GesteAquitaine8NORComfyColonel, 27th Aquitaine Musketeers2Andrée GrosjeanScudery's3-2-/-
PDPierre DragosBurgundy720OKLieutenant-Colonel, 13th Burgundy Fusiliers3Marion RobiquetScudery's3-41/-
AdGArmand du GuerreProvence719Poor-1-Scudery's--1-/-
AB2Father Adam BeaufortFlanders713PoorPriest, Small Church6----4-/-
MDMaurice DelacroixFlanders5POWComfySubaltern, Queen’s Own Carabiniers3-Scudery's--1-/-
FMFranz MuellerAlsace4POWPoorMajor, Princess Louisa's Light Dragoons5-Scarron's--3-/-
AdEPadre Auguste de L'EspereAquitaine4FOKRegimental Chaplain, Grand Duke Max's Dragoons2-Scarron's--2-/-
EdIEtienne d'IsgraceProvence2+19PoorPrivate, Picardy Flanders Musketeers4----3-/-

  • Name in italics: noble.
  • An F under SPs means that the character was at the Front, NOR means No Orders Received, RIP means that the character died, KIA means that the character was killed while doing his military duty.
  • + against SL means it went up this month, - means it went down.
  • Cash: Poor=< 500, OK=500-1500, Comfy=1500-5000, Wlthy=5000-10000, Rich=10000-25000, Flthy=25000+
  • Last seen is the paramour the character was last seen with in public.
  • House = Class of Parisian Residence: 1 = Small House; 2 = House; 3 = Large House; 4 = Small Mansion; 5 = Mansion; 6 = Large Mansion; 7 = Chateau ((R) Denotes Rented)
  • Estate = First number is Province No., number in brackets is size
  • EC is Endurance Class: 1=< 60, 2=61-90, 3=91-120, 4=121-159, 5=160-200, 6=201+

IDNameProvinceSLCashRank, Regiment/AppointmentMA/EALast seenSalonHouseEstatesECDuelling RecordWhenCause
JMdOJean-Marie de OudenborchFlanders8Comfy-6----2-/-July 1624Smallpox
BDBastien DurandAquitaine7ComfyColonel, Royal Normandy Marines6-Scudery's--2-/1February 1625Retired
RGRenné GadeAquitaine6ComfyLieutenant-Colonel, 27th Aquitaine Musketeers7Josseline SylvestreScudery's1-2-/1February 1625KIA
EBEmanuele BoulleFlanders4Poor-5-Scudery's3-1-/-August 1624Smallpox
CACharles ArsenaultBurgundy3PoorCaptain, 13th Burgundy Fusiliers5----3-/-July 1624POW
ABAlonso BalmaskeLanguedoc3PoorCaptain, 4th Languedoc Arquebusiers2-Scarron's--3-/-July 1624KIA
HPHuillaume PlessyLanguedoc2PoorPrivate, 2nd Frontier Regiment (Flanders)5----1-/-July 1624KIA
HSHenri SampsonLanguedoc2PoorPrivate, 4th Languedoc Arquebusiers1----3-/-June 1624KIA
MMMartin MersenneNormandy2Comfy-2----2-/-May 1624Smallpox
JLJacques LannoyAquitaine1Poor-6----4-/-November 1624Smallpox
GLGaëtan LaflecheBurgundy1OK-1----4-/-September 1624Smallpox
ADAlexandre DuclosBurgundy1Poor-4----31/-October 1624Smallpox
JFJeanette FabiereBurgundy1OK-6--1-2-/-August 1624Smallpox

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