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1625 April: Appointments

Inspector General of Cavalry: Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Chéron (SL 12)
Inspector General of Infantry: Vicomte Axel Pomeroy (SL 10, MA 10)

Royal Governor of Paris: Lieutenant-General Baudouin Anouilh

Army Quarter-Master General: Brigadier-General Thaddée Solé

Commander of the Night Watch: Major Justin Vaillancourt
Captain of the Night Watch: Captain Porthos Bonnot

Commandant of the Military Academy: Lieutenant General José Lemoine (SL 11, MA 5)

Royal Governor of Normandy: Lieutenant-General Pierre-Louis Marchal
Royal Governor of Flanders: Lieutenant-General Abeau Benett
Royal Governor of Aquitaine: Lieutenant-General Bertrand Leblanc
Royal Governor of Burgundy: Lieutenant-General Anatole Bocuse
Royal Governor of Languedoc: Lieutenant-General Claude D'Amboise
Royal Governor of Provence: Lieutenant-General Maximilien Toussaint

Aide to the Field Marshal: Lieutenant-Colonel Gérald Pascal
Aide to the Crown Prince: Captain Auguste De Verley

Captain of the Cardinal's Escort: Captain Joseph Dubost (MA 5)
Ensign of the Cardinal's Escort: Subaltern Olivier Ardouin (MA 3)

Captain of the King's Escort: Captain Robin Courbis (MA 1)
Ensign of the King's Escort: Subaltern Amadou Morin (MA 1)


Field Marshal: Chevalier Gaby d'Ailly (MA 7)

Maurice Beauchamp (SL 15, MA 7)

Lieutenant Generals:
  • le Vicomte Axel Pomeroy (SL 10, MA 10)
  • Jean-Baptiste Chéron (SL 12, MA 8)
  • José Lemoine (SL 11, MA 5)
  • Gaétan Nicollier (SL 10, MA 6)
  • Isaïe Pasquier (SL 10, MA 3)
  • Tristan LeBeau (SL 12, MA 8)

Brevet Lieutenant-Generals:
  • Baron Armand Lebeau (SL 11, MA 7)
  • François Lémery (S 8, MA 5)

  • le Baron Remy de Bouchard (SL 7, MA 6)
  • Josselin Lazard (SL 6, MA 4)
  • Thaddée Solé (SL 8, MA 4)

Brevet Brigadier-Generals:
  • Hubert Cortot (SL 10, MA 2)


Minister of State: Comte Yves d'Ardouin
Minister of War: Vicomte Yves de Bocuse
Minister of Justice: Baron Florian de Rochefort
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Baron Lucien de Maret

Préfect de Police: Chevalier Lucas du Quint
Royal Executioner: Monsieur Adrien Auclair


Archbishop of Notre Dame: Sacha Delafose of Paris
Papal Envoy: Cardinal Remy Saunier
Abbes of Notre Dame Cathedral: Thibaud Allaire
Inquisitor: Canon Max Balzac


Maid of Honour to Her Majesty: Comtesse Nadia de Brunelles
Maid of Honour to Her Royal Highness: Comtesse Désirée de Neuvier
Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty:
  • Marquess Michelle de Jacquemin (#15)
  • Countess Madeleine de Jauffret

Ladies in Waiting to Her Royal Highness:
  • Chevalieuse Jasmine de Lemaigre
  • Marquess Gilberte de Vigouroux

Maîtresse-en-titre His Royal Highness: Vicomtesse Clarisse de Mesny
Maîtresse-en-titre le Cardinal: Baroness Tiphaine de Siltzheim

Principal of the Academy of Etiquette: Madmoiselle Raymonde Gérin-Lajoie (#9)
Matron of the Hostel: Madmoiselle Catherine Camille (#16)

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Luc d'Aoun
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Sat 7 Dec 2019
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1625 April: Appointments
The 2nd squadron of the Crown Prince Cuirasiers  will march to the front this month, preparing the field for the summer campaign...
Luc d'Aoun
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Thu 12 Dec 2019
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1625 April: Appointments
Lt Colonel Pascal (4th Languedoc Arcabussiers),

you have the fame to be one of the best middle rank officers in the Army, and your Regiment is not to participate in the following Summer Campaign.

Don't you think is time to help preparing the field for our Army to have a more successful campaign this summer? I really believe we both would be quite useful in the siege the 2nd Frontier regiment is conducting right now


Major d'Aoun
Crown Prince Cuirassiers

OOC: Luc is trying to convince him to volunteer his battalion with the 2dn Frontier Regiment and take command of it.