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1625 April: Le Mercure françois #13
Brevet Lieutenant-General le Baron Armand Lebeau, Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Dragos, and Major Luc d'Aoun were noted for their conspicuous consumption.

Mademoiselles Augustine Dubois, Charlotte Garreau, Clélia Bozonnet, and Chloé Celice have left Paris and returned to their respective Province.

Colonel Beau Geste was unable to leave his house this month due to illness.

Private Etienne d'Isgrace tried to persuade his superior officers to volunteer at least parts of the Picardy Flanders Musketeers for the front, without success.

There was no news from Major Franz Mueller or Subaltern Maurice Delacroix who as far as we know are still prisoners-of-war. Monsieur Patrick Delacroix continued to negotiate a ransom for his son, without success.

General Maurice Beauchamp appointed
  • Brigadier-General Thaddée Solé as Army Quartermaster-General
  • Colonel Hippolyte Brasseur as Army Adjutant

Lieutenant-General Jean-Baptiste Chéron appointed
  • Lieutenant-General Gaétan Nicollier as 1st Division Commander
  • Lieutenant-General Isaïe Pasquier as 2nd Division Commander
  • Lieutenant-General Tristan LeBeau as Frontier Division Commander

Lieutenant-General le Vicomte Axel Pomeroy appointed Brigadier-General Isaac Houdin as Frontier Brigade Commander.

Brigadiers appointed their Brigade Majors.

Captain Joseph Dubost appointed troopers for the King's Escort.
Captain Robin Courbis appointed troopers for the Cardinal's Escort.

Week 1
Father Adam Beaufort gave a sermon at his small church. Among the attendees were Ludovic Bourbeau, the beautiful Lady in Waiting to Her Majesty, la Marquess Michelle Jacquemin, Mjr d'Aoun with his mistress the influential Madmoiselle Marianne Bechard, and Monsieur Armand du Guerre with his mistress la Matron of the Hostel Madmoiselle Catherine Camille.
Lt-Col Dragos waited for Col Geste where their dispute was to be settled, but Col Geste never appeared (we know now that he was in bed, ill). It was not easy to interpret the reaction of Lt-Col Dragos who instead went to the Academie Militaire to study.

Week 2
Lt-Col Dragos caroused at Scudery's with the beautiful and wealthy Madmoiselle Marion Robiquet.
Mjr d'Aoun trained the Sable.
Father Beaufort gave a second sermon this week, attended by M du Guerre with his mistress Mlle Camille.

Week 3
M du Guerre hosted a party at Scudery's with Mlle Camille. Among the attendees is Private d'Isgrace.
Lt-Col Dragos attend church at the Cathedral du Notre Dame with Mlle Bechard. Among the other attendees were Mjr d'Aoun with his mistress Mlle Robiquet. Unfortunately they ended up in a heated argument that they eventually agreed to settle later.

Week 4
Lt-Col Dragos attended the Academie Militaire.
M du Guerre arranged another party at Scudery's. Among the attendees were Mlle Camille and Mjr d'Aoun with his mistress Mlle Bechard, and pvt d'Isgrace.


1st Frontier Brigade (Flanders)
The defence fell to a storming party. The Brigade Commander and the acting Regimental Commander were both killed.

2nd Frontier Brigade (Burgundy)
The siege was a success thanks to the siege works.

3rd Frontier Brigade (Provence)
The defence was successful as the enemy broke by sortie. However, the Brigade Commander was killed in action.

4th Frontier Brigade (Languedoc)
The field operations crushed the enemy, but the acting Regimental Commander fell in an ambush.

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