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 GM, 2 posts
Fri 31 May 2019
at 08:19
Posting rules
Please use third person, present tense. Please put spoken words in quotes and color: "Would you be so kind to move out of my way?"

Don't use orange for IC quotes, as it's reserved for OOC comments.

Please post at least once a week. If you are unable to post for a week, let me know in advance or your character might be removed.

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 GM, 14 posts
Sat 8 Jun 2019
at 17:55
Posting rules
Orders should be sent as a PM to the GM and follow this format:


Premonthly orders:
* dfsd
* fsdb

Week 1 order: dfdg
Week 2 order: sgdg
Week 3 order: sdgs
Week 4 order: sffs

Other orders/notes:
* dfgs
* sdgsdg

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 GM, 39 posts
Tue 2 Jul 2019
at 11:19
Posting rules
Feel free to use the Dice Roller to make any potential rolls. If you donít, the GM will roll on your characterís behalf. Only roll for what your own character does, not for NPCs.

Do not edit your order post after making rolls. If you need to make an edit, reply and make a new post instead.

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 GM, 48 posts
Fri 5 Jul 2019
at 15:01
Posting rules
Please be aware that the only thing that will affect what your character will do is what is in the given orders. Any press, notifications in the Announcements and Appointments forum etc, are only communicative acts.

If it's not in your character's orders for the month it will not be done.
 GM, 60 posts
Mon 15 Jul 2019
at 13:38
Posting rules

Announcements and Appointments
Short, out-of-character summaries of forthcoming parties, calls for help with influence, resignations, joining regiments and so on: link to a message in this game

Le tambour de ville
In Character posts and announcements: link to a message in this game

link to a message in this game

OOC Rules discussions
link to a message in this game