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1625 February: Le Mercure françois #11
Padre Auguste de L'Espere joined Scarron's.
Lieutenant-General Pierre Dragos of the 13th Burgundy Fusiliers volunteered for the front, kissing his beautiful (and wealthy) mistress Marion Robiquet goodbye. In doing so, he avoided to take the consequences of having cause of duel with Colonel Beau Geste. Col Geste did not himself deliver any messages about their disagreement. We'll probably hear more about this when Lt-Gen Dragos returns from the front at the end of the season next month.
Adam Beaufort, a young priest from Flanders, arrived in Paris, and was installed in a Small House provided by the church.

Minister of War Vicomte Yves de Bocuse determined that the force deployment for the Summer campaign of 1625 will focus on siege operations:
The Field Army will consist of
  • 1st Division (1, 2 bdes)
  • 2nd Division (4 Bde, RNH)
  • Frontier Division (Frontier Brigade, consisting of the four Frontier Regts)
  • Dragoon Bde

Papal Envoy Cardinal Remy Saunier appointed Canon Max Balzac as Inquisitor.
Her Most Christian Majesty Anne, Princess of Austria and by the Grace of God, of the Kingdom of France and of His Majesty's other Realms and Territories, Queen appointed Comtesse Nadia de Brunelles as Her Maid of Honour.

Week 1
Father Beaufort gave a sermon at his small church.
Col Geste attend the military academy.

Week 2
Father Beaufort gave a sermon at his small church.
Padre Auguste de l'Espere attended church at the Cathedral de Notre-Dame, donating conspicuously.
Col Geste practiced the rapier.

Week 3
Padre de l'Espere again attended church at the Cathedral de Notre-Dame.
Col Geste practiced the rapier.

Week 4
This last week of the Winter Season Padre de l'Espere held a sermon at the Army chapel, on the topic of the Sword of the Spirit. It was attended by Col Geste and three other officers. Col Geste brought his girlfriend, the influential Andrée Grosjean, donating generously for the both of them.


The 1st Front (Flanders)
The 1st Frontier Regiment were engaged in defensive operations with inconclusive results.

The 2nd Front (Burgundy)
The 2nd Frontier Brigade continued the assault under the command of Colonel Bastien Durand. The results were inconclusive.
The 2nd Frontier Regiment was under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Renné Gade. He led his regiment to a bloody victory, but was reported killed in action. His last words were reported to be "How could I trust Burgundians?". One of his officers, Lt-Gen Dragos, revenged his death by looting.

The 3rd Front (Provence)
The 3rd Frontier Brigade performed another siege under the leadership of Brevet Lieutenant-General le Chevalier Armand Lebeau. Even though the results were inconclusive, the Bvt Lt-General was mentioned in despatches for his performance.
The acting regimental commander of the 3rd Frontier Regiment, Major Franz Mueller, was captured by the enemy. He is presumed killed in captivity.

The 4th Front (Languedoc)
The 4th Frontier Regiment regrouped for another assault. The acting commander of the 1st Batallion, Major Luc d'Aoun, was mentioned in despatches for his performance in leading his batallion to a phyrric victory during the otherwise repulsed assault. Some of his men, including volunteer Subaltern Maurice Delacroix, were captured by the enemy. He is presumed killed in captivity.

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