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1625 February: Paramour list
Paramour List February 1625
#NameGenderAgeSLAttributesLast SeenAppointments 
6Nadia SerreFemale2317---
9Raymonde Gérin-LajoieFemale2214Influential, WealthyPrincipal of the Academy of Etiquette
7Augustine DubosFemale1813- -
10Mariette PlessisFemale2113Gay -
13Charlotte GarreauFemale2213Wealthy -
2Roger AubertMale2312Beautiful, Gay -
3Marianne BechardFemale2612InfluentialLuc d'Aoun (LdA)-
14Clélia BozonnetFemale2112Wealthy -
15Marquess Michelle JacqueminFemale2012Beautiful-Lady in Waiting to Her Majesty
4Andrée GrosjeanFemale1911InfluentialBeau Geste (BG)-
17Marlène AubertFemale2111- -
8Marion RobiquetFemale1810Beautiful, WealthyPierre Dragos (PD)-
16Catherine CamilleFemale2510- Matron of the Hostel
11Noémie PoussinFemale2510Beautiful, Gay -
1Ludovic BourbeauMale208Gay, Influential-
5Josseline SylvestreFemale197BeautifulRenné Gade (RG)-
12Chloé CeliceFemale212Gay, Wealthy -

Name in italics: noble.
Last Seen: The last character the paramour was seen (in public) with.

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