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INTRODUCTION: Cormyr city of Suzail
Suzail is a great starting point for young adventurers to begin their careers. That is, with the right connections.  The Purple Knights keep the laws and peace along the more social and economic elite while a group of former adventurers are given permits to ensure the laws are enforced within the hardened sections of the city.

The group begins their journey, with only a permit to adventure and the few items they gathered on their backs.  They lack the contacts and social status ensures no guild will petition jobs in their names rather assign all jobs to more recognized groups.

However, there are a few merchants that sneak through the notice of the various trade houses and guilds.  These negotiations take place in the hectic city square rather than spy infested taverns and all it takes is one merchant willing to give starting adventurers a shot.

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INTRODUCTION: Cormyr city of Suzail
Gnome Merchant

50 Days Total.

Suzail through King's Forest to western crossroads  80 Miles

Crossroads through Storm Horn Pass  40 Miles

Storm Horn Pass to Proskur  120 Miles

Proskur to Easting 60 Miles

Easting to Ireabor 30 Miles

Ireabor to Asbravn 30 Miles

Asbravn to Hluthvar 50 Miles

Hluthvar to Scornubel 80 Miles
The Reaching Woods (Gnolls; Law noone can enter/exit the woods
Sunset Vale  (Halflings)
Corm Orp: Human Mayor; Settlement of Halflings
Darkhold; (A.k.a. Zhentarim)(Humans, Hill Giants, and Goblinoids)
The Far Hills

Scornubel to Triel    20 Miles
Also known as the Caravan City, was a major tradestop for caravans. It lay on the northern bank of the River Chionthar, where the Trade Way reached the river. The river was populated by barges, narrowboats, and skiffs.  Its population was made up of many races

Triel   to Soubar     40 Miles
              Forest of Wyrms: Green Dragons live in the east of the forest.
              Fields of the Dead: Battlefield, now farming community.

Soubar  to Boareskyr Bridge  10 Miles:
              The bridge was made of black granite and had a statue of Cyric at one
              end and another of Bhaal at the other end.Sod-the-bridge The Bridge and
              the statues from Siege of Dragonspear
                  A semi-permanent trading community sprang up around the
                   bridge. By 1481 DR, it was composed of numerous white tents,
                   corrals, blacksmiths, and bustling marketplace. Because it was only
                   a waystation, goods were not cheap there.

Boareskyr to Liam's Hold:  110 Miles
               Trollbark Forest: Poison Snakes, Trolls, High Lvl Undead.
               Dragonspear Castle 17 levels; Undead
               Lizard Marsh; Heavy Mosquitos, Lizard Folk.
               CROM's HOLD: Stone Keep Northeast of Lizard Marsh.

Liam's Hold to Daggerford 23 Miles
               Hamlet of 50 people; The Holdfast Inn
               Gillian's Hill; Hamlet (Half a day travel to Daggerford and half a day
               to Liam's hold.  Antique shop. Passage to Underdark.

Daggerford to ArDeep Forest 25 Miles; Moon Elves
               Dwarven tunnel systems
               Crypts of the Deepening Moon. (Royal vaults abandoned)
               Dancing Dell (contains magical rock sacred to Eilistraee
                 The order was murdered by the Eldreth Veluuthra (anti-human elves)
               HARPSHIELD CASTLE: (SE) Dungeon of the Shield (lost their
               lineage.  Undead Ghosts won't rest until they discover bloodline.
               House of Stone; Ruined fortress; Well connects to the underdark.
               Talmost Keep; Northern edge of ArDeep Forest ancestors never reclaimed.

ArDeep Forest to Waterdeep  20 Miles

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