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About the YesterKnights
Sigil, The City of Doors, has a unique feature no other realm has nor ever will. Sigil is the nexus point between countless planes, and therefor has the ability to monitor each multiverse's history magically woven onto a tapestry. Sometimes, however the Tapestry of any given realm can be o e freyed causing the potential collapse of portion of the Tapestry altogether.

The Tapestries should always show their own correct history. When a frying of the Tapestry occurs it could mean an event that was needed to take place but did not for whatever reason. On the other hand, sometimes events happen that should never have occurred. There are countless other reasons why a freying of the Tapestry can occur.

As members of Sigil's YesterKnights you and your fellow PCs are tasked with ensuring the correct history is woven into each Multiverse's Tapestry. You do this by venturing into the Door which connects to that world. By setting the date of arrival, The YesterKnights can travel into that world and personally see to the restoration of the Tapestry.

Although YKS inset themselves into the world, rarely do they find themselves remembered on the Tapestry. Occasionally the interfence from the YKS is woven and in those cases it can become difficult to return home to Sigil afterward. Those, thankfully, are few and far between. In fact, there has not been a YK woven into a Tapestry in over a year.

Typically once the issue has been sorted out, you will be pulled back through the Doorway and back to Sigil. And if the situation turns south, each group can set off an emergency beacon and a YK rescue team will attempt to extract the originals as quickly as possible. Again, this precautions is seldomly used by any YK. Just like the YKS being woven into their own Tapestry, an emergency extraction has not been necessary for over a year.