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Mon 17 Jun 2019
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The Cast
Please post some information regarding your characters here. The following format should be a good start, but feel free to elaborate if you desire.

Cat or Dog:
House or Breed:
Character Appearance:
Known Backstory:

How did you become a mercenary?

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company:

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Sasha Borzoi
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Thu 20 Jun 2019
at 04:39
The Cast
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 1):

Name: Dasha Borzoi
Cat or Dog: Dog
House or Breed: Runner
Calling: Ratters
Character Appearance: A brown and blue eye with peach fur, studded leather armor.
Known Backstory: I lived on the street for a lot of my pup-hood. Though when I was found and chased after by the soldiers did I finally have a place to call home. They raised me and tought me how to fight. They are the reason I can call myself a former member of the Royal Guard of Pugmire. I met Mister Peanutbutter on a very straining mission, mostly because this feline had been on the run for a few months and was terrorizing the unfortunate. Lucky for me Mister Peanutbutter is such a goof that he happens to open the door of a bathroom so fast, hitting the feline in the head and causing him to black out, making my job much easier. Though we did become good friends after this, I would do anything to help pay him back for that feline's capture. So I dropped everything to make sure this walking ray of sunshine lived when he said he was going to do something or other away from my home town for a while. Though I can't tell what is going to happen in the adventure ahead of us, I know my curiosity wont be filled and many people will be helped, if I can help it.

How did you become a mercenary? She can't let that walking ray of sunshine die now can she?

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company:  Mister Peanutbutter helps capture criminal in a very stupid way

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Gizmo von Cymric
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Fri 21 Jun 2019
at 08:22
The Cast
Name: Gizmo Abyssinian von Cymric
Cat or Dog: Cat
House: Cymric
Calling: Minister
Character Appearance: Tall, graceful, silver tabby with green eyes
Known Backstory: Most recently from the court in Angora City I come seeking new stories and songs to delight, entertain and inspire my adoring fans in all the most fashionable courts in Mau.

How did you become a mercenary? Me? A mercenary? Oh, no, you misunderstand, I was simply talking to Manx about a chance for adventure and he was asking me about my credentials, he seemed unimpressed by my musical virtuosity but on finding I had rudimentary skills in healing seemed willing enough to help me find a suitable party of companions.

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company: Still working on that...

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Princess Marshmallow Halcyonlikletoes
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Sun 23 Jun 2019
at 01:37
The Cast
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 1):

Name: Princess Marshmallow Halcyonlikletoes
Cat or Dog: Cat
House or Breed: Shadow Bloc
Calling: Mancer
Character Appearance: Middle aged, fat, white, long haired with a cute little button nose and yellow eyes.
Known Backstory:Well, if you had any education at all, you'd know that my name was commonly used by the Old Ones, who recognized the grandeur of our species and named us accordingly.  My parents carefully researched all of our names.  My oldest brother is Chairman Meow C Dung and my other brother...  I digress.  I am a historian primarily. Contrary to rumor, I have not been sent out in to the wide world  to lose weight, but actually hunt down artifacts that I've uncovered in my research.  They will give my family the edge we need to maintain our powerful position in society.

How did you become a mercenary? Dogs are mercenaries.  I am an academic, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom - and artifacts too, I suppose.  If someone wants to pay me for that, what of it?

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company: I have hired Gizmo Abyssinian von Cymric to accompany me and entertain me.  I share stories that she can weave into her clever epic songs.  She can also juggle.  I like juggling.
Mister Peanutbutter
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Sun 23 Jun 2019
at 03:06
The Cast
Name: Mister Peanutbutter
Cat or Dog: Dog
House or Breed: Companion
Calling: Guardian
Character Appearance: He is a Golden Retriever. Middle Aged. Always has his tongue poking out just slightly in a derpy happy look.
Known Backstory: I used to be a fairly famous actor. One may remember me from great plays such as "Mr. Peanutbutter's House", or "Philbert". Though one to never shy away from any opportunity laid before me, I have been known for many things. Like the squeakers in squeaky weapons. My idea. Or perhaps you remember the whole skiing for control of Siberian fiasco. That turned into a way bigger deal than I thought it would.

How did you become a mercenary? Simple. Someone asked me. I said yes. When I found out my best friend, Gizmo, was also a mercenary I simply had to join in. She and I have never actually been on the same stage at the same time, but she is just such an inspiration! We simply MUST be friends.

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company: Gizmo is the single second greatest entertainer the world has ever known and I refuse to let her die or be sad because of some silly monsters. Also Dasha is currently my closest friend. She calls me things such as her "Walking ray of Sunshine". I tell her it's because I take such good care of my coat.
Pawl the Seeker
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Mon 24 Jun 2019
at 01:55
The Cast
Name: Pawl The Seeker
Cat or Dog: Cat
House or Breed: The Shadow Bloc
Calling: Wanderer
Character Appearance:  A stout, 6'0"/200 lb. well groomed man with beautiful padded armor. His coloring is thought of as color point, with lovely white fur on his mane and back, with darker fur on his face, ears, feet, and tail. Generally fit, but does enjoy his catnip pastries and catnip tea.

Known Backstory:  He has traveled the world trying to find the answers to all things that have alluded him.  A natural athlete that was trained in the art of the wanderer, and martial arts passed along through generations.

How did you become a mercenary? "There's few things he seeks in this world, but the most important is finding the answers that have been haunting him since he was just a kitten. The mercenary life provides a means of understanding them, as well as some extra coin- and relics!"

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company: "Ya, that princess cat...  I need her knowledge. I joined with her and her band of hooligans to hopefully understand some things."
Java the Mutt
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Wed 3 Jul 2019
at 20:41
Re: The Cast
Name: Java the Mutt (Java for short)
Cat or Dog: Dog
House or Breed: Mutt
Calling: Hunter
Character Appearance:
<< Click Below to see how gorgeous I am >>

Known Backstory:
Java is a very special mutt of a dog. Born by Bethany and and Hugo. Java's father left soon after she was born due to unknown reasons. Growing up her and her mother were barely scrapping by to just survive. Her mother resorted to selling herself to start bringing money in to support her and Java. The dogs that would come to see her mother were of Nobility. These customers Java began to hate as she always consoled her and healed her mothers wounds after their "meetings". Java began to steal in order to help her mother out and to try and earn enough to keep her mother from continuing her line of work. Java had a run into a mutt that goes by the name of Night Walker who did not take kindly to Java stealing from him. Instead of taking a hand for taking from him, he saw potential and took Java under his wing. Learning everything that she could and paying off her debt she became really good at what she does. Java finished paying off her debt and got her mother out of the career she was in. Now your wondering what happens from here, well if She tells you she would have to kill you.

How did you become a mercenary?

By dumb luck

Name one bond or connection you have with another member of your company: Java has ran into Pawl the Seeker when she was eluding the guards after she took care of a noble. He is the only one that knows her identity to one of her killings.

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