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The Monarchies of Mau

    Angora is farthest east of the monarchies, on the edge of the desert. It shares borders with Cymric and Mau to the west, Siberian to the north, and Rex to the south. Some cats joke the bookish house valued the westernmost forests in their territory less for the houses they could build from cutting down the trees, but more for the paper they could make from the wood pulp, and the bookshelves they could carve from the logs. Some even whisper that Angora’s bookish desires led to deforestation, and the creation of the desert to the east. While this isn’t entirely true, the monarchy is renowned for its libraries. Angora is also home to deep networks of caves and mines, some of which the house uses for its belowground laboratories.
    Angora is known for its hot sunny days and sharply cold nights. Cats in Angora tend to wear loose, breathable clothing during the day to keep them cool. Though, while the brims of their hats and the legs of their trousers are wide, their sleeves gather tight at the wrists — preventing the fabric from smudging one’s painstakingly written notes. This certainly doesn’t mean all cats’ cuffs are clean: A cat who can reliably get ink stains out of silk and linen in Angora is a rich cat indeed. Most cats carry a shawl or jacket with them if they’re going to be out after the sun sets, to keep the biting cold from the desert wind at bay.


    The monarchy of Cymric spans the center of the monarchies, bounded by Mau to the north, Korat to the west, Rex to the south, and Angora to the east. House Cymric spends a hefty portion of its resources on upkeep for its roads: Not only do important trade routes run through its lands, but the house wants to be sure visiting diplomats feel safe and welcome, their journeys free from bandit attacks and bumpy carriage rides. Cymric also sponsors the performing arts, and in its largest city, a visiting cat could see a different play every night for a month if he so wished.
     Cymric is the flattest of the monarchies, its fields and farmlands stretching out far as the eye can see. While it means the blue skies stretch on forever during the day and great skeins of stars cover the skies at night, in the summertime, the flat land and open spaces lend themselves to violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. Cymric has built waystations and shelters along its major roads for cats caught in such storms.


    On its northern and eastern sides, Korat shares a border with every other monarchy except for Angora. It is bounded by the Fearful Forest on the west, but roads lead through the woods toward Pugmire and Houndton on the other side, and those roads were cut, cleared, and defended by Korat armies. The territory is well-fortified, with many of its cities built for function rather than form. However, the buildings’ interiors are works of art, as though to make up for all the squat gray stone outside, the architects decided to create beauty inside. People who suggest this is a metaphor for members of House Korat are asking for a bloodied snout.
    Citizens of Korat pride themselves on wearing clothing made from fabrics and materials sourced from their own farms and forests. They prefer sturdy garments of locally spun wool to the showy silks coming in from Angora. This doesn’t mean Korat style is simple or plain. In fact, intricate Korat embroidery is in demand throughout the monarchies.


    The monarchy of Mau lies in the middle of the cats’ territories. It shares a border with four of the five other monarchies, with the exception of Rex to the far south. Since the Treaty of Unification was signed, the city of Mau has become the political hub for all six monarchies. Outside the capital, Mau has many small farming towns and fewer big cities than some of their former rivals. Mau is the rainiest of the monarchies. In the southern parts of the territory, cats carry umbrellas with them as both useful tools and fashionable accessories.
    To the north, where thawing ground and spring rains create a messy mud season, cats keep spare sets of boots for visitors to wear. The cats of Mau prefer plain clothing, inspired by Trillani von Mau’s own style, though younger cats and kittens have begun adding a bright splash of color or interesting accessory — particularly when they’re out in Mau’s cold, dark, and rainy nights.


    Rex has controlled the coasts for hundreds of years. It is bounded by the Acid Sea to the south, Korat to the west, and Cymric to the north. Rex’ lands are divided into three equal parts, split where deltas from two different rivers — The Shiver Water and Hopewell River — spill into the Acid Sea. Port Matthew is Rex’ largest city, and it is from here that many of the monarchies’
seafaring expeditions launch. Though not all cats who live in the monarchy of Rex are sailors, their styles are heavily inspired by them.
    Light fabrics that can withstand a soaking and dry quickly are always in fashion, and very few
outfits have ribbons, belts, or tails that trail behind and might get caught in the rigging. On the coast, where winds off the Acid Sea carry spray that eats away at delicate fabrics, cats wear oiled cloaks to protect their clothes.
    Whether they learn to sail or not, kittens in Rex learn how to tie every kind of knot known to cats. From this, a language of knots sprang up. While it was initially used by kittens to mark secret hideaways or leave notes for their friends, today they’re used by spies to pass coded messages. Nobles have adopted them as well, wearing a knot on their lapels to signal any number of moods or affiliations.


    Siberian is the smallest of the monarchies, bounded by the mountains in the north, Korat to its west, and Mau to the south. It also shares a shorter border with Angora to the east. Siberian is also the coldest of the monarchies, its lands covered in snow nearly three quarters of the year. While it may be unsurprising that its citizens favor warm clothing — furs and heavy boots and thick hats and gloves — they also have wardrobes full of lighter clothing for the brief flashes of summer weather.
    Intricate beadwork adorns warm- and cold-weather outfits alike. Siberian kittens learn the art while they sit by the fire in the heart of winter. Though cats don’t trace their family lines the way dogs do, scholars who study Siberian beadwork can trace the patterns cats have passed down through the years.

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