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Character Gen
A thread for all things chargen related. Some pointers for the system:

You Don't Need a Party Composition

Seriously. The story will mold itself to the characters you have. This is not D&D or Shadowrun where you need a mage, a face, a fighter, etc. or you fail the job. So don't bother trying to fit a party role. However, your "Passions" should have some link - you are all working together after all.


Passions are a bit tricky. Ideally they should be character motivations that take you in a specific and concrete direction, and small enough to chew.  Generally, resolving one might take three to five sessions - so if you have a mega-arc in mind, it might be a good idea to to break it into smaller goals.

For example, Monza Murcatto wants vengeance. Good character motivation, bad "Passion". So perhaps her overall plan is "find and kill the seven men who betrayed her, one by one." Far more actionable, but a bit big - it would need a whole book. But she might have passions that look like:

-Kill Gobba, Duke Orso's bodyguard, and send a message to the rest that revenge is coming.

-Hire/recruit some allies to assist on her roaring rampage of revenge.

-Gather information on the banker that was in the room when she was betrayed.

-Foil Duke Orso's attempt to seize a rival city state.

Each of which could be a small section of a greater story of widesweeping revenge. Of course, you can also have four entirely disparate passions that are each unrelated goals.

System Stuff


Two items here:

Stats are not the end all be all that they are in many games. Though you likely know this mechanically as an intelligent person, it is sometimes hard to break ingrained habits. Many use them as the source of all skills, either with a direct modifier or being the attribute+skill check variety. Not so here. You could have a perfectly baseline human (A "D" pick in stats) who can be a combat monster, skilled thief, social charmer, what have you. Generally, maxing stats might add 2-3 dice, where your other focuses might add four to six times that.

Conversely, there are no "dump" stats. They all do something mechanical related to any character you might have. They all do something in combat as well - it might be resisting pain, it might be seeing through certain maneuvers, what have you. While not all stats are equal for all things, all stats have SOMETHING to do with most things.

For reference "4" is human average. A 3 or a 5 is reasonably above or below average, and it is unlikely you will find a common NPC with more variance than that.


As with stats, a professionally competent NPC fighter has a proficiency of 4, perhaps 5, in their style. A thug 2-3. Even with a minimal proficiency "E" pick, a character can be a match or more for your average mook. And even with "A" pick, individual proficiencies are capped at 12 at chargen (and 13 overall), so odds are the higher proficiency picks will represent skill with a couple distinct schools or weapons - a Persian noble who practices archery and swordplay.


Generally, these should be skills that your character is proficient in. Mechanically and thematically, there is little reason to take a 1 or a 2 unless having a side study of little immeidate value is important to you conceptually.