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The Offer
The factor looks around. "Ah, well, pleasantries from a killer are so rare as to be distracting, but to business then. Before your big friend over there loses his patience. I was going to hire you on a simple muscle, but perhaps you can be of use in a more delicate affair." He frowns slightly at Sverke. "Well, delicate enough. It will require some violence of course, but that's why you're here, no?" He carries on blithely with the assurance of a man who other people are in the habit of letting carry on without interruption.

"It seems the men one of my associates hired to guard young master Macon were a bit too open to other people's money. They...well, anyhow, we need some new men for the task. In their sudden urge to repent," he glances at Luthar, whose face remains stoically still, "they happened to mention it was a Lorenzo Gabricci who had paid them. Truly, the first moves of the game are underway. Unfortunately, they did penance with so much enthusiasm that it was quite impossible to make out further details. Alas, Lorenzo likely knows that they are no longer with us, and we lost a fine opportunity to take a piece off the board. Until you of course. I suspect you might have the wit to lure Lorenzo out for another try. We can work out the details of payment." A mildly troubled expression crosses his face. "you do know the Law of Vendetta here in Kallia, yes?" (Customs roll)
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The Offer
11:16, Today: Faubus rolled 36 using 6d12 ((3,1,12,10,1,9)). Didn't want to push it by claiming one of my Passions applied here. Was that the right call? Anyway, I think that roll gives me three successes, right?

Arlo spent many nights during the previous campaign season listening to tales of the city-states. He seems to be the rare person who soaks up social customs and can fit in anywhere-- or at least anywhere where a pimply-faced pudgy recruit soldier might be found.

He gives a brief summary of the laws of Kanli, enough to surprise Factor Averill and perhaps even Luthar, but then says, "But as we need to be completely sure of our task, we will of course be ready to hear the full details of this task from you."
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The Offer
(I’d have allowed it. Worst case I would have taken the appropriate dice off the end)

The factor’s air of effortless condescension falters for a moment. In the manner of many men, he feels the need to show his knowledge despite Arlo clearly knowing the answer. Such is the way of things. Still, you both feel certain it did not go unnoticed.

“Yes very good! The laws of Blood, Steel, and Property! That which separates us from mindless brutes! A civilized precept don’t you think, that one may only resort to violence when a member of both families is present? That you cannot simply encourage chaos and assassination? It seems that here a man must stand by consequences if he wants to tussle in the street!”

And of course the need for a kill to be made with honest steel...a wildly variable definition, of course...why, without that who could ever trust a meal, a drink, even the necessary business of inspecting their own holdings?

 Then we have the wisdom of Property! Burning down the city or ships sinking the harbor is bad business for everyone. No need for a little bad blood to get in the way of business...and ah...”the factor looks slightly less confident for a moment “the Lord Mayor is really quite keen on enforcing that one.” His voice trails off lamely.  “Quite keen.”

Well, wasn’t that a rousing recap of what you already knew about the Laws. And that acting outside of them would make you a common criminal, no doubt sentenced to hang until dead as your patron denied any responsibility. Of course, laws are often honored in the breach...