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Sat 27 Jul 2019
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Curdling the Catís Milk
OOC: If you two could describe 1) your current state of arms after that little bit of lyrical inspiration. Presumably Arlo and anyone with him didnít walk in looking like he was due for a battlefield, but if Sverke and/or Macon was outside, well I guess no one would notice the chain mail and the axes and such until they burst in? 2) Speaking of Macon, did he come to this little party? 3) This being a bordello, the house keeps a bouncer or two handy...
Blade GM
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Thu 1 Aug 2019
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Curdling the Catís Milk

The bordello common room goes silent. The whores look at Arlo, a bit offended at being called Sneechy, a bit unsure if someone willing to do that in this part of town is itching for violence. Then they look at each other as if to decide amongst themselves how to react to this. Then they start to look to the bouncers, maybe gauging the best way to get out of the line of impending violence. Maybe just to see if they'll kick this impertinent shit's balls up between his ears for the insult.

Which the bouncers might consider, if they were not dead focused on the rest of the clientele. Who  have apparently decided the correct answer to the poem is "chaos."

Men suspecting violence run for the door or hide under tables. One man elbows a youth in the face on his way to the door, for which he gets shoved into the bar and spills half a dozen drinks. One older man, a true bastion of chivalry, grabs his whore and uses her as a tentative human shield. The barkeep yanks out a stout baton and, in what is probably not the fairest assessement of responsibility, cracks the erstwhile drink spiller over the head. One whore runs while another for no apparent reason is kicking one of her companions in the ribs and calling her a cunt. Bad blood? Broken nail? Who knows.

Oh, and two men have pulled out daggers while another grabbed a hatchet from gods-know-where. Those are probably Gabriccis. No Lorenzo...but the stairs suggest an upper level for the intimate entertainent of guests. They move towards Arlo. The bouncers pull clubs and knives out from wherever they keep that sort of thing and do the mental math on whether they want to step into this or not.

So. This should be interesting.