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Factions and Dramatis Personae
This page is for tracking the various factions and significant characters at large. Each will have a short depiction, and a brief description of your current relationship with them. These are not the totality of all characters or factions there will or ever can be, just those relevant to the story.
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Factions and Dramatis Personae

Lord Mayor Vachel Chastain: The Lord Mayor of the city, and official exerciser of power with royal remit. House Chastain is not "noble", but controls exclusively the silk trade from the far west and has a profitable trading network in Lyria, the League of Eight, and some say even farther abroad. The resultant wealth has bought Vachel his position, and commands the loyalty of both the city watch and the city levies.

Opinion: Never heard of you.

House Rosewald: A family of mixed Roanish and Lyrian descent, you don't know much about them. Yet.

Factor Averill: A small man who apparently wields some power in the house. At least enough to hire you from behind a big desk in a fancy room. Routinely escorted by Luthar, a bear of a man with a distinct lack of manners.

Opinion: He hired you, didn't he?

Macon Rosewald: Your prospective charge. A young man of varying temperament.

Opinion: We shall see.

House Gabricci: Originally a band of traders from the league of eight, the Gabricci's found profit in Kallia and have gone native over the years. Currently in a vendetta with House Rosewald over...something?

Opinion: it's not like they know you. Though if you start wandering around with Rosewalds and steel, that'll change.