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Thu 13 Jun 2019
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NPC Thread
The Red Light: Scarlet Alice, Meili and Ruby Shondra are a well-known team of magical girls.  They're very fond of publicity, and wear gorgeous costumes.

Carla Donner: Meg's aunt, who's raising her.  She used to be a terrifying gangster, but is now mostly retired.

La Bodega Amada: The neighborhood store, bankrupt two years ago but re-opened (under the same name) by the Alpial family, who seem to be determined to act like it's the same traditional bodega despite the addition of various halal good to the stock.

Shawna Brown:  Shut-in nerd conspiracy theorist; Meg is more or less her only flesh-and-blood friend.  Shawna is a proficient hacker, but her motives and purposes are mysterious, if not actually insane.

Melissa van der Merwe:  Wealthy girl from high society, Meg saved her life from a manticore.  She's grateful, and finds herself wanting to help and hang out with Meg despite their massive socioeconomic differences.
Sarah Pentas
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
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NPC Thread
Parents - Sarah rarely sees her parents as they're often busy with work and rarely have time for her. When they are there, they've been distant and cold.

John DuBois - The family's butler and the person that Sarah is probably closest too. He is kind with Sarah in private, but becomes 100% professional when the parents are around.

Penelope White - The family's maid, she's only been working for the family for a couple of years now and  she does seem to be a kind person, but Sarah isn't quite sure of her yet.

Jackson Pentas - Sarah's uncle from her father's side. Something seems off about him. He hangs around the mansion a lot, but clearly had wasted his portion of the family fortune.