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Character Creation and RTJ
Character Creation Guidelines are pending...

We will not be playing full-power Godbound at character creation, due to opting to play a twist on variant Elemental Scions from the Deluxe edition. Since it's a varient I'm putting together, I'll happily share all relevant information. Note that I'll be using material from the Core.

While they are slightly less potent than standard godbound out of the gate, you'll find that they're still plenty powerful, I hope.

Character Creation thoughts

Standard Ability Array: 16,14,13,13,10,8

Word Selection: Characters in this game select words in a non-standard format.

One word is selected based upon the 'Skill Word' Guidelines, and this reflects the skills and talents that most define the character.

One word is a Concept word: This is drawn from a specific list of words that will permit special access to other gifts based upon the kind of creature they are. The current list of planned concept words is as follows: Jumi, Dragoon, Beastkin. Humans can also be played, and get a small benefit as well; most of these come with pre-designed gifts, as well as the ability to take gifts relative to the overall nature of the character's Gemstone, Dragon, or Beastform. Humans effectively get an additional Skill Word, though this can also be a word that has a bit more supernatural flavor to it. I'd prefer we not have more than one of each non-human race for now.

The third word is selected based upon a player's Element. Players declare this when they get set up, but they don't actually have this word or its gifts until they gain their elemental magic.

Magic Overview - Low Magic is not accessible to player characters. Low Magic represents decades of studied practice and the use of trained experience and reagents to command the elements. Player Elemental Magic is done through a direct partnership with a Mana Spirit. This said, a magic apprentice who just can't 'get' the low magic methods is a definitely welcome idea.

Theurgy may or may not exist (i'm undecided), but I'm not planning for it to be a Player Ability.

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Character Creation and RTJ
Concept Words / Races

Humans are creative, adaptable, and resourceful. They are also the most plentiful race in Fa'Diel by far. Humans are ambitious and resourceful. As a Human, they can select one additional Skill word relevant to their areas of expertise. [Additional Bonus]

The Jumi are a dying race.

Passive Benefit: Jumi can either be Knights - warriors who live with honor to fight and defend their companions, or Guardians - inspirational figures who strive to mend the broken culture of their people.

All Jumi gain an additional 2 hit points per character level, including first level.

Jumi Knights increase their Strength and Constitution to 16, or, if either was already 16, it rises to 18. They possess a natural armor class of 3. One per scene, they may, as an instant action, negate an attack targeting an ally within their movement range.

Jumi Guardians increase their Constitution and either their Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to 16, or, if either was already 16, it rises to 18. They possess a natural armor class of 7. (Pending a bit more)

Weaknesses: Jumi have vulnerable Cores - while not vulnerable to direct called shots, Jumi can be harmed by attempts to steal the core and pull it from their chest.  Attempts to steal a Jumi's core allow the Jumi to attempt a Hardiness or Evasion save to negate the attempt. Failure causes the Jumi to suffer 4 hit points of damage per hit die of the thief. Note that armor or clothing can deter ordinary thieves, but supernaturally talented thieves, like the legendary Jewel Hunter, might be more tricky... Additionally, Jumi must commit two effort whenever they would have to commit one in order to be healed by healing magic that requires committed effort. Any non-Jumi who sheds tears for the fate of the Jumi will find themselves turned to stone.

Lesser Gifts of the Jumi

Knight's Oath (On-Turn): Commit Effort for the scene to refresh your Jumi Knight ability to negate an attack on an ally within 30 feet. This gift may be used only once per turn.

Greater Gifts of the Jumi

Sample Jumi

Few races are as internally diverse as Beastkin...

Passive Benefit: Depending upon the animal features you possess, you gain a suite of sensory abilities and animal features to be agreed upon with the GM, potentially including the increase of attributes.


Lesser Gifts of the Beastkin

Greater Gifts of the Beastkin

Sample Beastkin

Dragoons are humans who have, for one reason or another, been accepted by and bound to one of the rare and ancient dragons of the realm.

Passive Benefit:


Lesser Gifts of the Dragoon

Greater Gifts of the Dragoons

Call Down the Dragon (Action, Smite):
Commit Effort for the day. Allows the Dragoon to summon forth their Master for a brief period of time. The Dragon is played and controlled by the GM... and may take umbridge about being called too frequently, or into situations that prove unworthy of its attention. This gift cannot be used as a Miracle. (Most Dragons will be statted as an Eldritch of some variety, with the Dragon Word and one or two other appropriate words)

Sample Dragoons

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