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Rise of Legends: Overview
City of Legend
Legend City, California
Welcome to Legend City, Where every citizen is Legendary!

Legend City is a city built upon the aftermath of a catastrophic supposed natural disaster. October 16th, 1927 an epic coastal earthquake simultaneously devastated a large coastal region of California while also triggering a near point blank tsunami of mythic proportions. This literally cleared away 22% of California's coastline, remapping its outline. As quick as the disaster happened, the rebuilding began, with the first step being the founding of Legend City. At present time, Legend City occupies 13% of the California coast, making it the largest gathering of human population upon the planet, and the largest known city upon the planet.

Through the middle portion of the century, Legend City quickly grew to become a metropolis of miracles, a place where inventions and innovations were everyday occurrences. Within a manner of years, not decades, Legend City pushed the boundaries of science beyond their normal limits. By the 50's it had become a City of the Future, another one of its titles. At the present time, Legend City has reached a technological level that makes it seem like a science fictional paradise from another dimension.

Epic Awakening, Rise of the Superhuman...
It was the first location where an Epic revealed their existence. Then, like a wildfire, Epics began to awaken across the world. Legend City has been theorized as ground zero for Epic evolution. The theory also places the nature of the city's expansionistic nature drove humans to rapidly evolve beyond natural means. At the heart of the theory, it was posed that this evolution has dual natures, both organic and manufactured...an eventuality that was artificially induced by man.

The first human to exhibit extraordinary abilities was quickly labeled as an Epic. The first Epic was known as Mythik. Mythik was the classic superhuman with limitless strength, endurance and flight. Next was Justice, an almost inhuman fighting machine that rarely failed, followed by Confession, a powerful psionic. The three would eventually be known as the Pantheon, as they became the new gods for the modern day.

To date, one of the largest concentration of Epics is in Legend City, with no less than 127 registered Epics on record at any given time. The number does fluctuate as Epics both awaken and perish at a disturbingly frequent pace.

Mega Man, Mega Corporations...
The Pantheon disbanded after a devastating loss to,of all things, litigation. The late nineties brought about a staggering amount of legal claims against the Pantheon in the realms of personal loss and heavy properties damage. This brought about the commercialization of Epics. Epics began to acquire sponsors and patrons, quickly becoming a part of the Corporation Landscape. Corporation backing comes with extensive legal representation, lucrative contracts, and established ties with Law Enforcement. However, they also come with Corporate Agendas...something that might or might not be completely legal...depending upon the fine print.

Of the Pantheon? None entered the Corporations and effectively disappeared from the new Epic community.

Entrepreneurial Epics, Rise of the Freelancers...
Recently, a new wave of Epics has been surfacing. Ones with no corporation backing and no commercial ties. These new Freelancers operate outside of Corporate Backing and often clash and subvert local corporate dealings. Freelancers though, are not illegal, and are often sought out by the very corporations that despise them...as a deniable asset.

Laws of the Epic
Epics must follow the three Laws laid out by the United Nations. These laws were decreed World Laws as Epic Awakening is not limited by nation nor by region. Note: Corporation Sponsorship will help mitigate these laws and can and will often circumvent them through such backing...provided that the Epic was in the employment of the corporation and functioning upon the corporations behalf.

Epics Must be Known
  • An Epic must be registered. Non Registration is considered a Felony.

Epics Own their Actions
  • An Epic is responsible for their actions, up to, and including all consequences and damages that are a direct result of their existence.

An Epic is Not Above the Law
  • An Epic is subject to all laws and edicts of the land they so reside and the land they are currently occupying.

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