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Rules of the Game
Game Rules:
1) Be excellent to each other: This is a team-oriented game, so please be a team player IC and OOC. Inter-character drama is fun, but keep it reasonable and keep IC stuff IC. No fighting, no passive-aggressive nonsense, no antagonism. Basically, don't be a dick. I will not hesitate to boot people from the game for violating this rule.
2) Party on, dudes: I.e., let's have fun! ^_^
3) I make the final call: I am open to player input when it comes to rules questions, story stuff, or anything else, but I get to make the final call because I'm running the game. A lot of times this is an issue with people asking for personal exceptions, which I should warn you I'm not going to make because it would be unfair to the rest of the group.

Game System:
This game uses Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny core rulebook exclusively. The only exception is with regard to species choices, which can be selected from the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion core rulebooks. I do not have access to the expansion books, so I am not open to using any resources from them.

Character Creation:
Please build your character according to the Force and Destiny character creation rules. As you are playing padawans who are taking the trials, you will get a free lightsaber and 50 xp to spend after character creation. The group resource will be a Mentor, allowing for a 5xp discount on the base Force powers purchased after character creation. Note: Please do not choose the +/-21 Morality option because I would prefer Morality to unfold based on actions you take in the game.

OggDude has a really useful character generator that you can download from here:

Posting Conventions:
Please use the following conventions when posting:
  • Tense: Third person present tense (Han Solo draws his blaster and shoots at Darth Vader!)
  • Dialogue: "Pick a color other than Gray (NPC dialog) or Orange (OOC notes) and stick with it," says the GM.
    • "Bold for yelling!"
    • "Small for whispering..."
    • Italics for thoughts...
  • OOC: Use orange text and make sure to post your rolls (it makes it easier for me to reference than to pull up a bunch of windows)
  • Biography Pt 1: Please use Biography Pt 1 to show how many strain points and wound points you have like so: W: current/total, S: current/total (ex: W: 0/12, S: 3/12)
  • Biography Pt 2: Please use Biography Pt 2 to show how many conflict points you have like so: Conflict: total (ex: Conflict: 3)

Pace of Play:
  • Posting Rate: I'd like to have the posting rate be as close to 1/day as possible, especially during combat. Please let me know if you will have any extended absences in the OOC thread or via PM.
  • Initiative: Because play-by-post combat runs a lot slower than in-person, I will average the initiative rolls of the players (rounding up) and compare them to the average of the opponents (rounding down). Whichever side has the higher total gets to go first. The exception will be surprise rounds should one side try to ambush the other.

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