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I - Come cheer up me lads, ’tis to glory we steer (Intro)
The din of great guns spanned through both gun decks with the 32-pounders letting out loud crashes on the lower gun deck, the 24-pounders on the upper gun deck spewing flame and iron ball with a mighty roar and the long nine-pounders on both fo’csle and quarterdeck barking like hounds at the fox that had gone to ground. It was an avalanche of iron, fired at low elevation with quions fully in at the French 74-gunner less than a pistol shot away. The round shot punched starlike holes in the beautiful figure of the foe, turning gunports in to gaping holes, upending guns that, once free of their carriages, rolled down the sloping deck without stopping for any man or thing. One French gun was hit right in the mouth and it burst, sending iron shrapnel around it in a murderous cloud. This was the fifth broadside fired, but now the ships were so close to one another, one could almost leap the distance. And then, there was a call, ”away boarders”, repeated by messengers, and half the men on the gundecks grabbed a weapon from the tub - some a cutlass, others a boarding axe and some picked up the wicked boarding pikes with well honed steel tips. Soon, they would taste the blood of the French.
You are a sailor in the service of His Majesty George the III, aboard the HMS Blonde. You may be a landsman, fresh out from debtor’s prison or convicted for poaching. You may be a young gentleman volunteer, a newlie, who aspires to be a Post-Captain some day and to retire as an Admiral ages from now. You may be a petty or warrant officer, a professional in His Majesty’s Royal Navy. You hang your hammock with 219 other souls aboard the wooden frigate (not like the ship in the narrative, though) in the space 14 inches wide, live and die with the men on your side.
And, like my predecessor, the credits:
StevenCabral - The original First Lord Of The Admiralty for the game "A Tradition of Victory: In Nelson's Navy" here on RPoL. He did scads of research, sought to keep a culture alive, and allowed Grimmond and "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" to pilfer his works, that they might not be lost to all time. As we pass for inspection today, we offer a fifteen gun salute in respect.

Brygun - The second First Lord Of The Admiralty in "A Tradition of Victory: In Nelsons Navy". Brygun has kindly offered his thoughts, assisted with additional research and sought out typo's at great personal risk to himself and his reputation. Our collective bicorn hats are off to this Master.

Grimmond - The third First Lord of the Admiralty of ”Wooden Ships and Iron Men”, who ran the game until his untimely death and to whom this game is dedicated. To him, we raise our glass with the sunday toast: To absent friends.