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Game Information
Please read the rules and submit RTJ with the word Cranberry once you've read them.
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In reply to Bargainer (msg # 1):

This is a Mature Game which follows the Mature Game rules set by RPOL. Please make sure to look over these rules before joining the game. Post "I will follow the RPOL and Game guidelines" when submitting your RTJ

Manners - I know being polite isn't popular in the social media age, but nonetheless I expect politeness when dealing with other players and with me. Here are some things I absolutely will not allow in the game.

Inappropriate OOC Chat - Please keep OOC chat in the OOC general discussion thread. In the General discussion thread, please be nice. No controversial topics, no hate or prejudice. Controversial topics include political and religious discussions unless they somehow relate to the game.

GOD Gaming - In any supernatural game, there is a tendency to have extremely over-powered characters that can mess with plotlines. If your character has an awesome power, there is a cost to using it. If you use an extensive amount of power (this will be determined by the extent of damage or result) the supernatural will become powerless for a number of game days afterword. So, if you're raining down lightning during a fight, for instance, you won't be able to even shock someone when scrubbing your feet over the carpet for at least a game day.

Puppeting - Please make sure not to puppet other characters without permission. This includes doing an action to them without a possibility for them to defend. Please private message any direct actions to make sure they agree. I include some NPCs in this rule. If the NPC has a character sheet - please do not puppet without permission.

Role-Criticizing - This is when someone is not "playing" the role the way you would like, and instead of discussing it in PM, you portray your irritation in character in a role-play thread. Such as "Buffy doesn't know why Jane is being such an idiot by just coming in with no entrance message, but she decides to ignore the imbecile"

Criticizing and Bad Mouthing in the General Discussion thread - This thread is not meant to make others feel unwelcome. If you have a problem with a player's game play or the player themselves, then please take it to private message or talk to me.  I go by the great Buddha's saying when dealing with others in this game - "Is it True? Is it Kind? If it's not kind, then is it necessary?" Or the great Jesus's words "Love your neighbor as yourself". If what you're saying isn't very loving - then don't post it in general chat.

Bringing a problem without a solution - Don't criticize at all if you don't have a solution to solve the problem. You just make the problem worse.

Number of powers - You can have up to 4 well defined single-type powers. You can say you are "Telekinetic" but you have to severely define what that means, and be willing to modify if there is an objection. There has to be well defined limits and effects to this power.

Sex in the game - This game is more about intrigue, mystery, power. There is a place for romance and allure but please make sure that any sex follows the general rule for a prime time show set in early evening (a bit of clothes shuffling, Some caressing and petting,  steamy looks, running off to the bedroom, being seen later in bed with covers up) - Don't depict any genital touching or an actual sex scene. Don't mention that your genitals are getting "worked up" as it were. You can mention desire, but we can leave out your goodies. All "sex scenes" must be faded out after the first item of clothes gets pulled off.

PLEASE don't get so involved in your romantic interlude that you ignore the rest of the game. The characters aren't meant to simply "hook up" but to actually connive and interfere with plans like the rest of us.

Posts - This is a slower moving game but it would be nice if you could post at least once a day if possible. Please don't take more than 1 week to post. I will move your character out of the way if you are delaying progress Please let us know if you will be gone and give us an ETA of when you will be able to post. Please make posts at least 50 words. There are ways to make this happen by adding gestures, surroundings, a bit of another character's dialogue.  Posts are done in past tense with a limited third person POV.  If possible, don't portray your inner emotions or thoughts unless you're talking to a telepath. Use gestures, tone, facial expressions to get your emotion across. It adds to the mystery of the game, I believe, if we can follow this.

The rules will alter as time goes on - if you use basic courtesy things should go well, such as not butting into a scenario unless you ask the others involved.
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Race:Fae or Human.

If Fae, Kind of Fae: (vampires, weres, and demons are types of fae)


Bargain :

What you will pay for the bargain:

Why did you make the bargain?

Description - add in tidbits of history, personality, and physical features here.

powers: Clearly list and define powers. can have four single type powers

skills - Not powers. List things like sewing, singing, forging signatures, stealing, conning, etc, here.


Strengths: (not powers, other things about your character - resistant to temptation, kind, etc.)

Way to kill (if a fae - all fae are weak to iron, but not all can be killed by it -one other way to kill the fae):

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The categories of Creatures in the Game
1. Light Fae - Light Fae, or Seelie Fae, and not necessarily any better than Dark Fae, they just tend to be prettier beings. The Seelie court is all about rules, regulations, and righteousness. They see themselves as the arbiters and judges of the world.

Major weakness: Iron, the mundane. A faerie cannot get out of an iron cage.

Minor weakness: Knowing their true name can allow you to gain control of them. Getting them to say thank you allows you to request a boon of them. Faeries don't like bread or salt. Keeping bread in your pocket and salt around things you want to keep safe. Rue, St. Johns wort and yarrow are anti-faery herbs. Rue, made as a tea, can make a Fae weak. St. Johns Wort causes a fae to itch and break out in hives. Yarrow weakens their magic as long as they are around it.

2. Dark Fae- Dark Fae or Unseelie Fae - The Dark Fae are not necessarily all bad, they tend to be more monstrous, however, in form. Goblins, Gremlins, Trolls and other types are normally classified as Dark Fae. The Unseelie Court is less concerned with the rules, but does follow the Faerie code of never lying.

Major Weakness: Iron, the mundane, some blessed objects

Minor Weakness: Everything that a light fae is weak to.

3. Hell Spawn - A type of third fae that resides in the underworld. Usually demons, but other monstrous fae such as vampires can be in this category. Whereas the alignment of the light and dark fae tends to be gray, the alignment of hell spawn is quite black. They are all the way evil.

Major Weakness: Blessed Objects, Silver, the mundane

Minor Weakness: Knowing their true name can allow you to gain control of them. Getting them to say thank you allows you to request a boon of them. They can't cross lines of salt, and salt can contain them. Holy water can burn them.

The Bargainer: Weaknesses.  People think the Bargainer is some sort of Hellspawn or proto-human. It's said the four great treasures of the fae are the things he's most weak to. Strangely all of them have disappeared over the centuries, but there's talk that he may know where they all are, or they are somewhere in their cities of origin. He does have an aversion to salt. He's also highly attracted to beautiful or sparkly things, just like any faerie. Does have an aversion to St. John's wort, but is not weakened by Rue or Yarrow. Iron seems to not harm him as he can hang around the humans with all their steel with little issue. It is said that silver can cause some harm, but not death.

It's been said that he has created offspring over the years, though who they are is unknown and he's not one to divulge about his children or their mothers.

4. Half Breed:

Weakness: Depending on type of fae, some weakness in that category, plus human frailty and lack of immortality. Longer lived than a normal human

Minor Weakness: Can say thank you to humans with no issue, but saying thank you to the fae binds them to doing a boon for the fae. Knowing true name is a weakness

5. Magic User:

A normal human that was changed by the rift. Have human lifespan and usual human weaknesses. Have some protection against them with magic

6. Normal Human

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The categories of Creatures in the Game - About the game
The Fae all want different things to satisfy their yearnings and keep them from the mundane.  Death is preferable to becoming a mindless wisp. Some wants are the sickly center of every nightmare and others just little things, like power or love...

The mortals also have wants that put them in the path of danger. The sickly center of every nightmare is wrapped in an elegant package that mortals seem to be hesitant to resist. The fae have made this their bread and butter

Many years ago, the veil began to thin. Human errors like war, pollution, corruption created large unprotected rifts in the "ozone" as they called it. They thought that it was just the aerosol cans that caused the damage.

Out of the vortexes created by the weaknesses, the Dealer came through, ready to bridge the gap between fae needs and human wants. Along with him came destruction in the form of larger, more monstrous fae that wreaked havoc on humanity until just a few hundred thousand were left.

The combined efforts of the Dusk and Dawn courts curbed the destruction as they spread their might through the world and pulled the rest of humanity onto one continent, into one city in what was formerly Louisiana, and the dealer, sly tongued and full of beauty, convinced the humans it was all their fault. With his help, the courts had control over the fae and the humans, all in return that he would be able to continue to deal freely without repercussions from either side. He became a point of parlay for the courts, and through his brokers became an easier way for the fae to broker deals with their human prey, or with each other.

The Dealer? Well, he is something beyond the courts. Rumors were that he was actually one of the Hellspawn. Others that he was a proto-being, an entity that predated the courts and recorded time.

What will you do in this new world of Fae and Man? Will you make a deal with a beautiful Devil?

Notes about the Bargainer:

The courts can't kill the Bargainer because they made a deal with him. In return for helping to rid them of the monsters that were decimating humanity, he owns the hunt and the right to broker any deals.  The rulers are honor bound to let him have his way and thus their entire courts will feel the pain of breaking an oath if they try to go around the bargainer.

The bargainer has "brokers" that help him to make deals (he's not omnipresent)

It's not clear if killing the bargainer would bring back the monsters.

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The categories of Creatures in the Game - About the game
Roles in the game:

Dark Fae Ruler

His or her court (advisors/courtiers/courtesans/officials/wives/husbands)

Light Fae Ruler

His or her court

The Bargainer/Dealer/huntsman of the faerie hunt

His employees:

Brokers - those that do deals on his behalf. Usually not bargainees. They normally are asked by the Dealer to deal for him. In exchange they are given one boon that doesn't somehow affect the Bargainer (asking his name, asking to kill him, asking for his weaknesses, etc).

Hounds - those that participate in the hunt with him to punish oath breakers. Hounds are normally those that struck bargains with him that he deemed worthy to be a hound. Not actual hounds unless they are a fae with shapeshifting ability.

Entourage/Assistants/Servants - Sort of like the courts of the fae. He's super vain so he likes having a crowd of people around to massage his ego and get him his double fudge smoothies.
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Rules of the Bargain
1. You can only bargain on your own behalf or as a proxy for another. You cannot bargain on the behalf of another with the mind of having them take on the bargain.
2. The bargainer can choose to deny your bargain
3. Your terms must somehow benefit either the bargainer or his client. If the bargainer has a client, he will state the client’s terms for giving you your bargain. You can choose to deny the terms and no bargain will exist.
4. If you fail to meet your end of the bargain, you are an oathbreaker
5. You have a limited time to meet your end of the bargain. If you can’t meet your bargain, the Bargainer comes to mark you for the hunt.
6. Those that can’t pay (but haven't yet become an oathbreaker), may try to win a game against the Bargainer. The Bargainer is weak to gambling
7. Oathbreakers must outlast the hunt in order to be absolved of their debt

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Game Government
The world of An Deiradh has 4 major lands and these forms of government generally cover them:

The City of Turadh - Oligarchy that exists by Seelie rules

The Outskirts - Ad hoc/Anarchy

Faerie - Dual Monarchy

Seelie (I'd like the Seelie ruler to define, but for now Order, cleanliness, Manners, stiff etiquette and traditions run the court and Turadh as that is the traditional view of Seelie). Seelie Court faeries expect courtesy and favors to be fulfilled; otherwise, they demand retribution and avenge what they see as insult or offense. Despite the façade of benevolence, they are in fact quite deceptive and self-serving, prone to mischief and tricks. Though faeries cannot lie, they are not always fully honest, often twisting their words and speaking half-truths.

Unseelie (Would like Unseelie ruler to define, but for now, Less apparent order but not quite anarchy, strength, bravery, some tradition, and more trooping/processional acts. More warlike than the Seelie, seeks to overtake An Deiradh. Seen as responsible in part for the release of the Fae monsters on the earth. The stricture of having the Seelie control their actions in a sense drives the Unseelie to murderous rage.

The Between - Autocracy - Mostly ran by the Bargainer who likes to change the rules like he changes clothes. There are a few other powerful individuals who live here who'd like to wrest that control away. There's not a lot of people in The Between, so not too much to govern, other than those that dare to live in his citadel and those whose bargains he holds.

Some items of this court:

1. If you are a bargainee, you live by the bargain or you die.

2. If you live in the Citadel, you are "his" - all advisors, servants, workers, concubines, favorites are considered owned by him in his mind.

3. If you are a hound, or a bargainee, you're "his" whether you live in the citadel or not. Brokers have more freedom unless they are a bargainee.

4. The court is run by rather Machiavellian ideals. For example, Machiavelli viewed misery as "one of the vices that enables a prince to rule."[36] Machiavelli stated that "it would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved."[37] In much of Machiavelli's work, he often states that the ruler must adopt unsavory policies for the sake of the continuance of his regime. He has a greater leaning towards the Unseelie than the Seelie in this.

5. Role of the Hound - Hounds generally can live outside of the Between but if Fionn is holding court because of an oathbreaker or a bargainer, or if one of the courts of fae are visiting, the hounds must be present as a sort of guard. Other than the ties that keep them hounds and force them to the hunt, they tend to live fairly free lives. Because most hounds are bargainees, Fionn still considers them "his" and may try to impose his whims on them.

6. Role of Broker - Brokers are generally those that are not "his" per se, and generally don't live in the Between. Brokers that do live in the between are considered "his" by him (even if the broker doesn't think so). Like hounds, they do have a certain amount of freedom. Generally not bargainees, but those that are ones that have garnered an unbelievable amount of favor from the being.

7. Role of Concubine - If he's chosen you as a concubine, it's likely you're a bargainee of some sort, or a really dumb person who doesn't realize just how bad of a choice that is. Concubines rarely can leave the Citadel unless they come with Fionn. Have little personal freedom. Servants actually have more autonomy than concubines. Is rather possessive of his pretties and during court they have to wear floor length veils except for the favorite who sits barefaced at his feet. The veils appearance is up to the concubine. He doesn't care about gender with his concubines, and not all of them have an intimate relationship. Some are just pretty and he wants them at his side.  Concubines will have to be important to the story somehow for there to actually be any player characters - otherwise they're just background decoration and not actual people. This is NOT an adult game, keep that in mind. Any intimacy with Fionn will be HUGELY truncated (see rules on Sex in game).

8 Servants - Also fairly bound to the Citadel or the Between except if on an errand. Servants are known for physical beauty but are not treated as concubines. Not as pretty as concubines.

9. Advisors/"Friends" and Favorites - there are a few mad people that just want to work or hang around Fionn. Generally these folks are free to come and go as they please, but sometimes Fionn may change his mind. Some become brokers. The danger is any friend of Fionn's he considers "his" in a sense.

10. Benefits: Fionn is pretty generous to those in his court. They all get the latest whatever it is that they want and other than times when he's raging or targeting you, you live a pretty pampered life.

11. Leaving his court - Those in his court that have less freedom can request to play a game with Fionn to gain freedom from him, or can request to be hunted. If he grows bored, he may just cast you out without having to do any songs or dances. Lucky.

The city of Turadh is currently controlled by the Seelie court, but there are attempts to grab power by the Unseelie court. The city is controlled by a select portion of Fae that the ruler of the Seelie deemed worthy to represent the court.  The