Idea board - plot suggestions, game additions, etc.   Posted by Bargainer.Group: 0
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 19:09
Idea board - plot suggestions, game additions, etc.
Please post any sort of sub plots, race additions, or other ideas you'd like to see here. I will also ask for any game feedback to be posted here to be discussed. If anything isn't working that we need to adjust, or if you'd like to see something go in a different direction, please post it here for discussion.

Just remember if you bring up a complaint or criticism to also provide suggestions to fix the issue.

This is also the spot where you post any game areas you'd like me to create (unless it's secret, those you can PM me)

Please try to put all the areas, shops, rooms you want to create in one post. It would be super helpful if you provide the description for any area you want in the post as well.

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