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The Wilds
At the edge of the world, deep seas of long grass floods the horizon. Embedded in each blade of grass are dew drops and vibrating insect nests, so that the green area tremors like a tsunami. This lively greenery acts as a barrier to the Wilds, making access to the forests and mountains difficult. The flora of the Wilds grows like bamboo, thick and tall, until its sheer weight collapses on itself. Fallen trees and shrubs become mulchy, fertilizing the Wilds and creating a habitat for insectoids and small mammals. The smell of mulch and decaying forests is musky, but a pungent perfume of honey and pollen seeps through the air. The Wilds is home to an array of coloured flowers powdered in golden pollen; a soft stir of the breeze, or bees and hummingbirds, spreads the pollen across the Wilds.

 In the deep forest the dying beams of sunset captures dust and pollen which whiz around like fairies. As twilight approaches, the bruised sky creates an orange halo around the mountains.
These behemoth mounds appear to be gods, entities of rock and earth. Deep below the heart of the mountain lies tectonic plates, causing the mountains to quake and stretch, almost alive and breathing.

A cauldron of magma exists below the crust of the mountains, where it is rumoured a divine crystal, the Fireheart, grows to over a metre in diameter; this stone, rich in colour, radiates warmth, along with warm hues ranging from a royal purple to a  fresh rose, to a shimmering sunflower yellow. The use of the Fireheart is unknown, as it is guarded by flesh melting magma.

-description created by Kay!---

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