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The Between (Idir)
This is a place where lost things, and dreams come to rest. The Bargainer has made his roost here among the forgotten, but there are other entities that also live within the between. The between is an embodiment of a feeling. It is frustration and hope, despair and determination. It is impermanence. As an impermanent place, the facets of the landscape changes according to the observer, but there are a few items that stay the same.

One is the gleaming citadel that is never near enough for you to reach. It is the home of the Bargainer. You can walk for days, years, centuries, and only be half way there. Only the Bargainer can bring you to his home.

The second item is a meandering river whose waters are filled of memories. Touching the water can rob you of yours, but, strangely, drinking it can fill you with too many. In either case, the water is dangerous to most.

Finally, there is a decrepit carousel in the middle of the path. The mirrors around the top border are mostly broken, and three of the steeds are missing their heads. Jagged wooden pieces remain where the heads once were. The rest of the animals, both mythical and real, are faded. You must ride the carousel and pull the brass ring to be able to move forward. Miss it, and you're back outside.

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Kay Stone
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The Between (Idir)
-- See Throneroom. Kay Stone and Preston Ryker have left to the Between for the Hunt --

Kay stood at the exit of the Citadel, peering over The Between. The mental state of this plane stirred a grim storm, born from the anxiety and apathy of the Hunt. The sky grew dark, with occasional narrow beams of sunlight when the clouds parted. Kay raised her palm, tilting her hand to angle the slither of light into a direct stream. The light signalled her arrival, but also acted as a quick scope of the scenery in clear detail. She spotted Ryker; this was her newfound tactic, as she knew he had skis in tracking, so she would follow his lead and assist him.

Kay began jogging, covering distance. She grunted, feeling the ground shift ever so slightly. "She's changing the-" Kay alerted the nearby hounds, as trunks of trees spurted out of the earth. The leaves spottled out any light, and the spontaneous forest radiated an aura of danger, survival and wild instinct.

Kay had learnt that some Oathbreaker's, when determined to live, could visualize the Between and shift it's environment. Most of Fionn's Hunt lacked dedication or ambition, merely running across the Between out of expectations.

The Ice Queen's mind sparked, trying to understand Four Arms methodology: perhaps the broad bark would hide her large figure; the darkness would give her the chance to escape; or the trees could...
Kay's eyes flashed as she heard rustling. "Look up!" She demanded, before a heavy weight dropped on her. Before Kay could process what happened, she felt four hands grip into her, raise her body into the air and propel her into a tree. Kay's body, with immense mass, cracked the tree and slammed into the earth. She's stronger... Kay groaned, watching the Oathbreaker scale up more trees.
Preston Ryker
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The Between (Idir)
The between always left Ryker with a feeling of nausea. The shift and flow of reality was something reminiscent of a boat rocking on ocean swells. The feeling was a mixture of vertigo, seasickness and claustrophobia. It was wholly and completely unnatural. He wished to end this as quickly as possible.

  The oathbreaker had attacked the ice queen and Preston allowed himself a mirthless smile. Perhaps in time she would learn a bit more in the form of tactics. He looked over at where Stone had fallen and she appeared relatively undamaged.

  Ryker saw the oathbreaker swinging through the trees like a monkey through a jungle canopy. He raised Aurora and took aim. Preston calmly exhaled and squeezed the trigger. Aurora bucked against his shoulder sending the projectile hurtling towards his target. The branch just ahead of the oathbreaker snapped before the creature could gain purchase and with nothing to grab to restrain herself the oathbreaker fell. The snapping of bone could be heard over the impact with the ground and Ryker could see one of the arms dangling and bent at an unnatural angle.
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The Between (Idir)
--cut scene in Solana's chamber ---

Solana thrashed about on the bed, short breaks of babbling song trilling through the room. Bargainer looked pointedly at Jasper who nodded and left the room. When he was gone, Fionn took the necklace off the woman who began to glow painfully the minute she was released. The song grew more hypnotic, but Fionn set his jaw and seemed, for the moment, as though he could persevere. In her song she stated, "In three days all yours and mine, from castles bold to fragrant wine, will be all swept as travelers bound, to find where Dagda's cauldron is found."

Fionn quickly put back on Solana's necklace. The Fae slumped unconscious onto the bed. The Bargainer stared grimly at her before disappearing with a touch of his necklace to where the hunt was already underway.

---end Cut Scene

Fionn appeared just as the branch was struck and the oathbreaker fell to the ground. Her screams at the agony of having broken one of her arms put a quick smile on his face. The woman rose up still, fear and determination still overpowering her desire to curl up and face her fate. She crashed through the trees and found a rift out into the outskirts.

The Bargainer looked annoyed, "If you all had waited, she wouldn't have found the path, curse you all! After her!"

He barreled after her into the outskirts

---The outskirts ---
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The Between (Idir)
The Outskirts