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The Between - The Citadel - Chamber of Crystal Dreams
Kay Stone, part of the Bargainer's court, has been gifted with a room. Her chambers are first guarded with heavy marble doors, streaked with textures and marks. Carved into the front doors are small faces of cherubs emerging from the surface, a comment on Stone's beauty.

Inside is a corridor, weaving into a small labyrinth. The floors, adorned with a royal red carpet, are soft and padded, creating no creaks when treaded upon. The walls are entirely made of mirrors, a tormenting reminder to Kay Stone of her choices. However, the use of mirrors makes her chamber appear dream-like, as Kay can see into an infinite chain of reflections.  Once at the end of the mirror corridor, there is another small door, made of wood. Inside, is a room of colour. Across the room portraits are hoisted onto the walls, piled up on top of each other; paintings of Kay Stone, with different interpretations of her fleshy human form. One portrait is a recreation of a childhood photograph. All paintings, however, despite different styles and paintbrush marks, share the same longing grey eyes. In the centre of the room you will see a large bed, with ebony wood pillars and white veils drifting across like dancing ghosts. If one were to rest their head against the pillows and gaze up, they would see yet another large mirror. This one is embedded with assorted jewels, from rubies to sapphires to diamonds.

Whilst Kay Stone's room is luxurious and quite wonderful, she rarely visits her room unless emotionally drained or in need of escapism. She has never invited anyone to her personal room, as she is quite strict with who she trusts. In fact, if any fairy were to approach, they would sense nausea; Kay Stone had, first thing, created a varnish made from St John's Wort and many other repellant herbs, and coated the smaller door with it. As for the threat of humans entering her sacred space, no mortal dares to insult the Ice Queen.

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