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Citadel - The Throne of Fate
One hundred yards of black jet edged with flat blue sapphire  separates the heavy platinum doors to the throne room from the platinum throne where Fionn receives visitors to the Citadel. A semicircle of steps encircles the throne, these made of white marble, edged in gold. On the steps his favorite servants, hangers-on, and concubines recline, kneel, or sit. He has two smaller chairs that are stationed just in front of him where his right and left hand sit, and in front of him sometimes rests a blue velvet pillow where a pet or a particularly pretty servant or concubine usually rests. The occupant varies. His hounds stand in the deep, arching alcoves along the walls. Each alcove has a narrow window that sheds a shadowy gleam upon the hardened visages of Fionn's hounds. The ceiling is a compound of arches, gleaming in their whiteness. Lights in the shape of lotuses are recessed in the center of each arch.

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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
The Bargainer was resplendent today in bright cerulean robes which offset the whiteness of his skin to perfection. The robes parted slightly at the bottom revealing soft silken pants of brightest ivory. The robes were embroidered with crystals of onyx to look like black roses upon the satin fabric. The robe buttoned to his chin, fastened with a ruby so dazzling that it winked with value even in this low light. His long hair was parted and laid down each shoulder ending at a shiny puddle at his feet.

Solana sat at his feet, playing with the ends of his hair at the left side. She was making tiny plaits and adding little beads of multi-colors. Her black hair was unbound and was fanned out around her in a glorious shimmer. She was wearing a pale pink gown that seemed to glimmer with an ethereal light. She turned her face to the rest of the court, and although her expression was sweet, it felt as though one was looking at empty innocence and not of a woman who belonged with the bargainer. Lavender eyes, wide and unaware, studied each person for a second before she turned away with a giggle and continued playing with Fionn's hair.

In front of Fionn was an oathbreaker, a woman with four arms who was currently flailing all of them at The Bargainer,

"Of course I won't give the other two arms to a troll to eat when I was done with them! I was cheated to begin with! You never said it would be trolls and I never agreed to 4 arms!"

Fionn mouth parted in an amused grin. Each of his gleaming white, serrated teeth was fully in view. If it weren't for the tilt of his lips, the expression might have been a snarl.

"You said you wanted to be able to complete your writing twice as fast, and once you were done I could take the skill away. The deal is fair..."

"B-but!" the woman sputtered. "That's not what I meant! You know it wasn't! It's not fair!" The woman was a chef who'd once worked in the best restaurant in town. But now, with her freakish looks, the human restaurant would not accept her any longer. Her bargain had ruined her. She looked quite pitiful and thin standing there while raging at The bargainer.

Fionn laughed, the sound like bells at a funeral. "Oathbreaker… you have to hide now."

He flicked his hand at the woman, and, with surmounting horror as the red stain that marked her as an oathbreaker grew on her body, she turned and ran from the throne room, disappearing.

The veiled figures on either side of Fionn bowed their head and Solana giggled again. The bargainer leaned over slightly and stroked her head.

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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
The Ice Queen was always nestled in a cushioned, silver chair besides Fionn. She sat firmly, her posture completely symmetrical and straight, almost unnaturally perfect. She wore a simple design of her creation; a steel chainmail dress, with heart shaped breast plates and a majestic blue robs. She used steel in her design to counteract fairies, all which she was sent to hunt down. Whilst, her body,carved of crystal, could've been considered art rather than graphic nudity, she refused to dishonour herself, and invested in armour as a message of her strength.

Her stone hands gripped into the carved handles of her chair, so that if she had flesh, her knuckles would glow white. Her eyes kept dropping onto Solana, and her gaze soured into a narrow glare as the Fae peered out. How...- Kay interrupted her offensive thoughts towards Solana, her eyes bouncing towards Fionn. Her years of supporting Fionn taught her that he has the ability to read minds, and she aimed to create her aura to be as ambiguous as possible. She wanted Fionn to be unsure of his interpretations of her; she was disgusted at his exploitation of concubines and sexuality, but she let other thoughts tamper with her mind so he would think that she was either conservative and prude, or simply jealous of the closeness between him and the concubine. Kay had grown so numb, that she'd allow a bunch of thoughts and emotions to mix into an ugly grey, uninterpretable concoction.

Then the oathbreaker came into view. Kay pressed her lips together, refusing to release a gasp of disturbance. "I was cheated to begin with!" Kay flinched, her third eye envisioning herself down below the throne, reacting to her new crystal body. For years Kay had agreed to keep the Bargainer company, out of her free will, yet he seemed ignorant of her own traumatic betrayal to their own deal. "Nothing is ever fair," the Ice Queen bellowed, a harsh slap of reality to the oathbreaker, but also a challenging reminder to herself. She stood up, staring at Fionn. Of course, he never seemed to be able to use sympathy or emotional intelligence to understand her, out of his own childishness and egotism, but Kay could judge him as she wished. She was, after all, an indestructible treasure, who had no obligations to serve him at his court. She did him a favour, to be a crystal statue at his side.

Kay's eyes widened as a sickening crimson colour spread across the woman. It foreshadowed blood. Kay began to descend from the staircase of the throne. However, when she was in front of Fionn, she paused. Her fists curled into balls as Solana giggled. The Ice Queen turned around, conjuring her mind to be empty as she sent Fionn a skeleton stare. Her skin glowed a low-key light, so dim it was almost ash grey. She bowed her head. You condemn her and therefore you condemn me, Kay allowed a fork-tongued thought to lash out. The Ice Queen smiled softly at the Bargainer, before turning around to the Hounds. She nodded at Preston, before descending from the Throne and exiting the room.

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Preston Ryker
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Ryker stood silently at his post. Visions of the myriad ways the bargainer would die in agony at his hands were he human played in his mind. His own sweetly sadistic fantasies fed him and kept him sane and motivated. Someday he would find a way to kill that sonofabitch and make right every vile act he had been forced to commit at his demand.

  He had no care as to what the oathbreaker did to form a deal with this devil nor did he care what pleas or arguments she cared to wring from her wretched throat. The outcome was already decided. Her fate sealed. She was as dead as the Dealers soul.

As the disfigured woman fled from the throne room the ice queen stood and walked out past Preston. Her nod of acknowledgement was exceedingly unusual and he wondered what he had missed but quickly decided that it was unimportant. When one was cursed with agelessness it quickly becomes apparent that all secrets no matter how deeply held come to the light in time. If the unusual greeting was of importance it would make itself known soon enough.

  Without waiting for a signal or permission Ryker stepped from his assigned alcove and strode toward the exit. However distasteful the hunt may be it was far preferable to the company of the Dealer.
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
"Stop." He pushed the power of his persuasion behind the word slightly. A warning that both of them should understand.

Fionn straightened in his chair after one last caress for Solana and stared at Kay and Preston coldly. "I don't remember saying anyone could leave yet."

He fingered a strand of his long white hair, disturbing the beads that Solana put in it and making them clack. "Return to your chair, Kay, the one you changed to silver. How clever of you." His feral grin returned as he waved Preston back towards the alcove he'd been standing in.

His gaze swept over Kay's attire. "And your clothes. Iron. Really? With Solana here? It's a boon that my dear Jasper was protecting both of us and my other precious sweets. You know iron is forbidden in the court. Explain."
Kay Stone
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Kay bowed her head, spinning on her heeled boots to face Fionn, her steel plated skirt swaying between her legs. Her eyes glanced to Jasper rather coolly, as if she disregarded his purpose on the Court, for she needed no protection at all.

"Silver and steel serve me many purposes," Kay calmly declared, seating herself back, "You know I like my personal space." She pressed the soles of her feet into the ground, leaning forwards. Your other precious sweets are so fragile... Do you surround yourself with weak, pretty things to feel superior, Magpie? Kay side glanced to Fionn after her mocking thought, before inhaling. "You forget that I'm here in the court for other affairs, not as your servant. So as a miscellaneous member of the Citadel, I may protect myself as I wish... Steel, silver.... I would not like company, for obvious reasons. I shall therefore repel Fae folk to remove temptations." Kay grinned, crossing her legs, resting her knuckles against her cheek. "I am the forbidden fruit."
She turned her face, staring at Fionn. "Besides, Bargainer, I wear my armour in anticipation of the Hunt. I was summoned here to oversee this, as your Hounds are. Now, you're just wasting time and letting the oathbreaker have the benefit."

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Jasper Minx
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Jasper leaned back on his chair as he steepled his fingers under his chin. He watched the exchange between Fionn and Kay with a slight raising of his brows to indicate how surprised he was at her lack of regard for her safety. His eyes shifted to rest on the chair. The presence of that much silver in the room was rather hostile, but only touching it or being stabbed with it would do him permanent harm. The presence of it did reduce his energy, which was likely why Fionn was annoyed and less likely to overlook the slight.

Solana distracted him with a movement. She had pulled out a crystal bobble in the shape of a frog. She was hopping it about on the floor, making faint clicking noises with each contact. She pointed the frog at Kay and wiggled it. Her brow had wrinkled slightly as the tension in the room increased but she giggled again nonetheless. Jasper mused over her actions wondering if she meant something by the gesture.

"My Lord," the hellspawn interjected politely,ignoring Solana, "If I am correct to assume, the only issue with our hounds was an eagerness to hunt? Perhaps a simple apology and we can dismiss them? And the matter of Kay could be discussed more privately after the hunt."
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Have I struck a heart string? Kay Stone's mental voice purred, almost mimicking Fionn's superficial charm. Truth be honest, Kay had grown to be confidentially sharp, knowing that she was immune from physical abuse. Perhaps the supernatural lifespan was affecting her, as she was an ageless human, yearning for a natural succumb. No... Kay Stone was using her free will, a human trait which intrigued Fionn, to oppose his own judgement. The Ice Queen had an admirable aggression, the fire in her belly, which roared whenever Kay was triggered. In this case, it was the painful memory of her physical deformity, how it was unplanned and unwilling. The newborn Kay Stone was terrified with her alien body, and the Bargainer was simply amused. You shouldn't mock me, you know that Fionn. She smiled, gracefully. "If my materials offend you, then perhaps you should build me my own throne room," Kay Stone teased, stepping around Fionn so that Solana was on the other side. She leaned closer to Fionn, knowing that he was less afflicted by previous metals. "It is in my nature, as you know by the price I paid, to be distrusting of anyone, Fae or human. For your safety, you should too. There are certain rumours about.... political tension." Kay again, gracefully smiled at Fionn, before her lips shrunk into a small, unbothered line. She began stepping down, speaking out loudly as she refused to turn her head. It was your mistake to make me into something you love most, crystal as strong as diamonds. But that deal has been fulfilled, you don't control me until I break it, which I assure you, I won't. Kay's mind projected a harsh slap of reality, reminding Fionn of their professional, and equal relationship. Kay had questioned why he often desired her company, despite their occasional conflict. A small, soft, human part in her hoped that Fionn found comfort in her, as perhaps he felt alone, being a lone beautiful creature lacking the ability to love, and therefore he made her become the only creature of her kind, without love in her life either. Strange, naive dreams, Kay would squash her optimism with a sadistic truth, that he was selfish, wanting her to suffer equally as him, loveless and alien. Kay shrugged off her thoughts.
"We are equal, you and I. So I will go as I please. I'm just choosing to stay and help you, in more ways than one."

She paused, and faced the Hounds. She let her eyes rest on Preston. "When your master releases you-" She glanced up to the throne, "I'd like to move as a flanked unit, spread out and efficient as possible. It seems I have further business to attend to after the Hunt."

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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Fionn rose from his throne when Kay stood next to him and stretched his arms up as though the argument had tired him. With a noisy huff he leaned until he was face to face with the woman.

“You continuously remind me that you are not my servant, nonetheless, everything in the citadel is mine, pretty Stone. You persist in living here, so you are mine like everything else here. And I like my things just so. I like my things to do as I want them to do and not mewl at me like a thirteen year old girl.”

He reached out for a lock of her hair and tugged on it.

“Forbidden fruit, are you? Is that why you continue to dangle yourself in my presence?” He clicked his serrated teeth at her. “Want me to take a bite?”

He pulled harder on her hair.

“Mocking you is my daily bread, pretty Stone.” His expression grew remote and frosty, “But you are not my equal, and you are never allowed to threaten me in my court through word or deed. What you wish to say outside is one thing, but within this room, that is another matter. Try me on this, and I WILL find something you care about and utterly destroy it.”

His eyes narrowed as, right during the middle of his own threat, she'd turned to address HIS hounds and order them about.

"And now you think I cannot order my own hunt, pretty Stone? Have you somehow replaced me as the hunter for my hounds?" he hissed.

Solana dropped the frog which shattered into a million pieces on the ground. There was a slight noise, as though she was going to giggle, then she began to seizure, thrashing about on the floor with grunts until finally she stiffened with her hands in fists next to her cheeks.

With a curse, Fionn released Kay's hair and ordered Jasper, "Take Solana out of here and send the healer."

He pointed at Kay, "Be lucky I don't treat those who are mine like the dark fae. There are worse things out there than the Bargainer."

He strode out of the room after Jasper who'd gathered the still quaking woman and left with her.

--Solana's room--

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Preston Ryker
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Tue 30 Jul 2019
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Ryker suppressed a contemptuous look for the Dealer as the queen made her rebellious scene. She had spoken much of what Preston himself felt albeit a bit differently. He admired her spirit but her openly adversarial stance made her a liability if not a target. He preferred to keep his intentions quietly and stoically locked inside.

  Speak for yourself Queen. The Dealer may own my skills but he does NOT own me. My loyalties extend only to my role in his hunt. He would do well to remember that Ryker turned on his heel and strode towards the doorway without waiting to be granted permission or to be dismissed, unslinging Aurora as he left. A silent whispered prayer to those who preceded him through the gates of hell formed upon his lips as he disappeared from view.
Kay Stone
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Citadel - The Throne of Fate  - The Beginning
Even out of spite, Queen has always given me authority.

Kay calmly paced down, her metallic boots clicking at a regular, strong rhythm. As she reached the doors, a figure approached her, placing a large metal object in her hands. She clipped it against her belt, "Thankyou, kindly." Kay stepped outside the doors

-- To The Between

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