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Outskirts - The New French Quarter (Nouveau Carre)
Often called the Crown Jewel of New Orleans, the French Quarter was New Orleans oldest t  neighborhood. Over the past 30 years, Preston has lovingly rebuilt the neighborhood from memory and some old maps that survived the cataclysm. Finding the iron for the wrought ironwork throughout the city was the biggest challenge as the Fae worked to rid the humans of the ability to make anymore ironwork for obvious reasons. But with his typical ingenuity, and the work of others, he has been able to find enough for the flavor of the city. Brass, copper, tin, bronze, brick and wood, with a little bit of gold makes up the rest of the building supplies he'd fought to gather to build the city.

  Within the city there’s a reimagined French Market, boutiques, bars along with antique stores and old restaurants that are similar to what once was there. Many of the outcast population lives and works here.

Like the Creole aristocrats that founded the quarter, the French Quarter is a timeless portrait – especially come dusk when swallows glide above the fortunetellers on Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral’s butter-crème-colored walls reflect the fiery sunset. Mad Madame LaLaurie’s mansion has been lovingly restored while neon signs stutter to life on Bourbon Street. Night falls. Horse hooves clop, music throbs and gaslights flicker in a place full of long-told legends and those waiting to be born.

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