French Quarter -Bourbon Street - Lafitte's Black Smith Bar.   Posted by Bargainer.Group: 0
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Sun 11 Aug 2019
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French Quarter -Bourbon Street - Lafitte's Black Smith Bar
Lafitte's is a small, gabled structure that looks like an old house. It has been lovingly recreated from the original structure, down to the peeling white stucco which exposed the red brick underneath. Inside the red brick is exposed entirely making up the walls, the fireplace, and the base of the bar which is topped by a heavy wood counter.

Wood is the major decorating key for the interior, from the exposed wooden rafters of the vaulted ceiling, to the panels of the wooden floor, to the wooden stools, tables, and chairs. A few pictures of sailing ships, and some partially filled old bottles of booze, along with some empty ones, are the only touches of color in the place, if you don't count the odd citizens that frequent the place.

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