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Tue 16 Jul 2019
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City of Turadh - St. Oberon Road
The city of Turadh is the main city of An Deireadh (Uhn Jerah)that houses the majority of the human population left on Earth. The name Turadh (pronounced Turag) means a break in the clouds. It was named by the fae to signify an end to the devastation of the human world and the concerted rebuilding. An Deiradh itself means the end.

Cosmetically, the last bastion of humanity on the earth is stunning to behold. The design of the main city fell to the hands of the Seelie. Vast gardens and parks of breathtaking views  dominate. Buildings are designed with the most pleasing aesthetics. Everything is clean and bright. Crystal's and jewels, spired rooftops, arches and towers are major themes of the architecture.

There is a main road that leads to most cities, and this one is no different. You stand on Saint Oberon Road which leads to everywhere...

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Kay Stone
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Thu 8 Aug 2019
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City of Turadh - St. Oberon Road
"I have nothing else to do," Kay Stone muttered, allowing herself to fleet across the land. She landed beside The Bargainer, blinking hard as she pressed her knuckles into her eyes. "You're not funny, Fionn," Kay grumbled, walking past him, "Oh, and I'm here strictly for pleasure."
Kay stepped down the crystal platforms, watching her reflection glisten like an apparition. Her footsteps were involuntarily heavy, a reminder of her inhuman form, yet she appeared like a monument within the crystal city.

"I'm here to sightsee."
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Sun 11 Aug 2019
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City of Turadh - St. Oberon Road
The Bargainer strolled beside Kay, easily keeping up with her even though she was trying very hard to avoid him. The end of his hair had been cut. At least a three foot section was hacked off, leaving the rest to flutter at his hips in brilliant glossy white glory. It attracted the stares of passerby, although everyone fought not to do so.

No one actually wanted the Bargainer to notice them. Only the desperate, stupid, or insane would want his company.

"Sight see" Fionn said with finger quotes. He chuckled. "And what is here that you've not already seen?" He lifted a corner of his lip with disparity. "The Seelie do like their prissy order, don't they?"

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