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Sat 20 Jul 2019
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The location of the wilds, the between, and the small outlaw villages. Agriculture dominates in whatever areas not swallowed by the Wilds. You stand at the nexus. East are the faerie ruins  - You can find the ruined cities of Findias, Falias, Goirias, and Murias here, 3 with population. North and west is the wilds.  South takes you back where you've been. Beyond the wilds is the between where it's said The Dealer makes his home. Beyond that is what is left of the land of Fae after the rift.

The outskirts are where many of the humans who do not want to follow the rules of the major city live. Tiny huts and subsistence gardens dot the area. The fae still come out this way to demand taxes of the inhabitants.

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Kay Stone
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Sat 3 Aug 2019
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The patriarchy sees women as weak and feeble. My fellow colleagues see me as irrational and illogical when in battle. Quite the contrary. I throw myself into the fight first, using myself as a decoy, to learn about the enemy without damage. I can afford to do that, others cannot. And now I know their weakness.

Kay Stone kept at a steady pace, tracking the silhouette of the Oathbreaker until they grew larger. Kay raised her palm, projecting a beam of light onto Four Arms, with the intentions to either cause a minor burn or blind their line of sight. The Oathbreaker hesitated, stumbling from the sudden light. Kay sped up, accelerating as she approached. Combining the momentum, and her body weight, Kay released a large yell as she mustered herself into Four Arms. The collision caused the Oathbreaker to be smashed into the ground, limbs contorted.

Kay Stone climbed over the exhausted body, pressing her weight into broken joints. She winced at the horrific sounds. "I can kill you - I'm sorry, I'm sorry," She whispered, almost with a gentle tone, "but I promise I'll put you at ease."

Kay Stone allowed her skin to glisten, peering into the eyes of the Oathbreaker. Four Arms started to rest, almost lulled into a kaleidoscopic vision. Kay leaned in so that her voice was only audible to the Oathbreaker. "He was cruel to you like he was to me. We are the same. I'll avenge you and myself."
Four Arms gripped Kay Stone, fingers pressing into her frame. "Angel... of death."

Kay stared in horror. She pulled herself away, spitting out, "Preston! Now!"
Preston Ryker
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Sun 4 Aug 2019
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Preston had followed at a pace the others simply couldn't. He wasn't the fastest among them but he could never grow weary. He could literally Sprint laps around the globe without ever breaking a sweat. It would still take months but he could if he chose. Briefly the old Energizer Bunny commercials popped into his mind causing a rare and brief flash of a smile. As he caught up to the queen and the oathbreaker Ryker drew his tomahawk and carved another mark into his arm. The blood ran freely dripping into the soft soil. Replacing the weapon he drew his pistol.

  Stepping closer he heard the queen call to him. The soft click of the pistols hammer being pulled by Preston's thumb was as audible as a peal of thunder in the sudden silence. The oathbreaker's eyes widened in panic and a plea formed on her lips. Before a sound could be uttered the pistol fired. A perfectly round hole appeared in her forehead directly between her brows and her head snapped back dead eyes staring at the sun for a long moment before gravity dragged the lifeless corpse to the ground.

  One hundred ninety three he stated flatly then turned and began walking south without even a glance at the others.
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Tue 6 Aug 2019
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As Ryker stalked off, Fionn called after him.

"What? Leaving already? But what about the after party?"

He watched the man continue to walk away without one backward glass. He snorted at Kay then shrugged. "We should buy the man a feather boa and a get him a sound track. SUCH a diva. Poor baby!"

He threw back his head with a laugh as he winked out of sight. There were bargains to make in the city of Turadh. They buzzed against his skin like bees.

A disembodied voice came from the necklace on Kay's neck. "Coming?"

Preston Ryker
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Tue 6 Aug 2019
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To riverboat