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Sun 21 Jul 2019
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The city of Goirias was called the golden city  in the air. At one time the entire golden city would float in the sky and could move from place to place. It was a place of warmth and affection. Many would choose Goirias to marry their beloved in the land of the Fae, and the best doctors and healers lived in this city.  The mobility of the city meant it could reach areas of need more quickly.

 The city, also a one time mighty ancient city of the faerie, is also ruined. Its golden walls have been plundered, and the jewels that kept it afloat are missing. Unlike Falias, no vegetation creeps along the walls or buildings, and more people live in this place.  People have rehabilitated many of the dwellings and shops in this place.  The Sword of Nuada also is missing. It is said to be the sword that makes a ruler unseatable and eternal.