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1. Behavioral Rules
1.1 Be nice.

If you need to take a break from the game, notify me. If you think your posting rate will suffer in the coming weeks because of life interfering, notify me. If you choose to leave the game, notify me. Not posting for 2 weeks will lead to an inquiry from me in your PMs. Not posting for 3 weeks will lead to a warning. Not posting or responding to my pleas for 4 weeks will lead to me kicking you from the game.

2. Writing and Formatting Rules
2.1 Pick a color. (NOTE: YOU CANNOT ALL CHOOSE BLUE, LIKE THE PLAYERS IN MY OTHER GAME DID). Dialog should always be represented by your character's color. Actions and descriptions should not. If your character is thinking, use italics without coloration. Color your characters name in your character sheet. Grey is my dialogue color and I will use it for all NPCs since determining characters for every new one quickly becomes a pain in the butt.

2.2 Posts are written in past tense. Always, by everyone.

2.3 OOC is restricted to its own thread. Meta-information, like declaring dice rolls or noting down loot or anything else in this manner, can be included as orange text in your IC posts. But if you have questions, write in OOC.

3. Gameplay and Dice rules
3.1 As a matter of principle, all dice must be rolled in the site's dice roller so I can view and verify. I will do the same, unless I forget and don't.

3.2 I always roll initiative for all parties and then provide you with a turn-order list.

I will very rarely call for charisma checks. I expect your character to behave in line with your charisma score and proficiencies, and interactions will transpire in accordance with dialog, not dice rolls. However, if you still feel like you want to roll dice, you can roll any charisma check you feel appropriate and alter your characters behavior based on the roll. As you can tell, this must be done before you post and on your own initiative.

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Carrying Capacity
We will be keeping track of item weight in this game. Instead of the normal STRx15 to determine if you are encumbered, we will do something more complicated called Variant: Encumbrance from the PHB. Maybe it works, maybe it sucks. We’ll see, and change it if we need to.

  • If you are carrying more than 5 times your Strength score, your speed drops by 10 feet.
  • If you are carrying more than 10 times your Strength score, your speed drops by 20 feet and you have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws that use strength, Dexterity or Constitution.

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Wed 3 Jul 2019
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Gritty Realism (Soft Version)
Short Rest: You do not get to roll hit dice to regain HP on a short rest. Instead, you can expend uses of a Medicine Kit, which will equate to a 1d4 + your Medicine score. A maximum of three charges can be used on a character, after which he must complete a long rest to reset the counter.

Long Rest: You can expend Hit Dice to heal, and you regain half of your Hit Dice upon completion.

They’re still the duration you’re used to, 1 hour and 8 hours respectively.

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