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Game & RTJ Information
Desolate and abandoned, the evil alchemist’s mansion stands alone on the cliff, looking out towards the sea.

For years, tales of the haunted house near Saltmarsh have circulated through the region. Mysterious lights and ghostly hauntings have kept away the people of Saltmarsh and most of the stories are rightfully taken as warnings to avoid the place. However, rumours persist of a great treasure hidden in its walls. What relics and other valuables did that old alchemist keep in the creaking floorboards and cracked plaster walls of his home?

The Haunted House of Saltmarsh is part one of the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh module found in the latest D&D 5e module book Ghosts of the Saltmarsh. It's primarily a dungeon crawl through a haunted house set in the world of Greyhawk in Keoland.

My intention is to run a one-shot adventure using D&D 5e rules and I'm looking for 4 players who enjoy writing narrative about their character's thoughts, actions, feelings, motivations etc, to join me in this adventure. If there is more interest, I'll accept up to 6. You do not need to have experience in 5e to join.

Barring real life commitments, I'm looking for players who have real lives that can accommodate a post every other day, but we will go with the majority once I get my pool of players.

If this grabs your interest, all I need in your RTJ is:

1) Character Name, Race, Class, Background
2) Tell me about your character concept in one paragraph.
3) Your realistic post rate
4) Tell me about your favourite game on RPOL & why it's your favourite. (It doesn't have to be a current game)

** Please pick any race except Tieflings & Drows from the PHB only.
** All characters will be playing at lvl 2.
** Multi-class is allowed.
** Do not submit a character sheet