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Rules (Read First)
1. Posting and Absences

Not looking for a fast paced game, so as for Posting rates I expect 2 to 4 posts per week, more frequently is fine. Holidays are the exception to this. As I know everyone has a personal life. If you are going to be absent please post so with a reason in the thread I will provide, also please provide an expected time of return so I will know what to do with your character. If you go a full week with out posting in character or in the absence thread I will assume player absence and react based on following table:

Period of AbsenceResult
Absences with excuseDM control of character until Player return
One week no post or contact*DM control, Attempt contact of player
Two weeks, no posts or contact*DM control, Second contact, DM looks for good time to sideline character
Three weeks, no post or contact*Character Sidelined, Final attempt to contact player
Four weeks, no post or contact*DM searches for replacement character
Five weeks*Deletion of Character

*Note I know uncontrolable circumstances arrive, if at any point before deletion the play contacts me, I will keep his character in game. If the character is already sidelined I will keep the game going without the character but the player can rejoin as soon as the come back and can be written back in.

2. Be nice

This is a game and we are playing it for fun. If you don't agree with that statement, don't even bother joining it. Out-of-character offenses will no be tolerated.  Racism or any kind of prejudice will not be tolerated. In-character offensive actions that seem to be addressed to the players or the GMs, not the characters, will not be tolerated either.

3. Use common sense

Please don't make me have to spell this out further than this: This game is not rated adult, so who knows the actual ages of the people playing, act accordingly.

4. Democracy, pero no mucho

The GM has the final word, period. I am very democratic and am open to discuss rules or any other stuff, but for the game to go on we can't keep arguing forever.

5. Avoid OOC talk in-game

I am not saying there cannot be Out of Character talk in game, I know things need clarifying at times, just keep it to a minimum

6. Colour code

This is the in-game color code:

Dice rolls & OCC Orange
Speech* Per character (stick to a single color, please)
Thoughts+ Speech colour+italic
Written text Serif (if read out loud, also use the appropriate speech color)

* If whispering, shouting, etc., indicate in the post's text. If you don't want all players to hear it (by whispering, for example), use private lines.
+ As a rule, when necessary to write down thoughts, they should be in a private line to the GM. If you want to use them publicly (to give some flavor, for example), use the colour code. Don't overuse this, otherwise it will seem like everybody is reading everybody's mind.

7. GM control of PCs

I will avoid acting on behalf of players, and only do so in minor ways or when the player is lagging behind on posting and is hurting everyone else's gaming experience. In both cases I will try to act as closer as I can to the way I
believe the player would make the character act.

8. Character Creation Rules

All rulesfor character creation and advancement will be found in the thread labled RTJ/Character Creation.

9. RTJ

Please include in your RTJ the following:

I (RPoL username) have read and do agree to these rules. Understanding that they are subject to change and I will be notified if any changes or additions are made.

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