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Tue 9 Jul 2019
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Introduction (Read First!)
Hello and welcome!  You have been selected to participate in a grand adventure.  Play by post is a different kind of game, and an adjustment period is just to be expected.  That being said, below are a few guidelines to keep things moving.
GM Sattler
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Tue 9 Jul 2019
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Introduction (Read First!)

As with all things, there are simple rules we must all follow to ensure a smooth experience. The following are some basic guidelines on how to post, and what those posts should look like:

OOC notes and mechanical data should always be colored orange,
 and should almost always be places at the bottom of a post.

"Dialogue should always be colored."
"The color you pick is totally up to you."
"As long as it isn't a color that is already in use (such as orange)."
"Try to pick a color that isn't the same as someone else."
"This helps everyone quickly identify who is speaking."

Languages should use the language group feature. This is accessed in the private line drop down box, and should look like this as you write it:
[Language unknown:  Ounlesrut t al virameonehat prle p ereestent.]

All posts should be written in past tense.

Special GM notes and descriptions will be colored purple.

The following is an example post... It's only a example of formatting, not of length or writing style.

Example Post:
"Help! Save me sir knight!" The princess called to the party from atop her tower prison. Overhead, the dragon circled ominously, waiting for the so-called 'heroes' to make the first move.

It had known they would come, and it had laid its plans. All that was left now was the battle of steel and fire!

Everyone roll initiative!

OOC: Dorthy is still unconscious.
Bob has a +1 to his sense motive checks when playing cards while drunk.

Finally, do NOT post "placeholder" notes in the main thread. Ask questions via PM or OOC, and then post when you're ready.


While multiple posts-per-day from me is not unheard of, don't expect me to keep up that kind of pace on any consistent basis. The fact is not lost on me that as DM I should be posting more often than my players. Compound my own limitations with the reality of waiting on other people to take their "turns", and you shouldn't expect to post more than once per day as a player at most.

I've been in enough games to know that a high posting rate is not always commendable. What matters more is consistency, with an ideal rate of a one post per everyone per one-two days.

I have some tips for my players, which I believe will help them stick around for the long haul:

-- Don't fall in love with the future. Big ideas and long-term plans are great, but the reality of RPOL is that it will take many real-life years for any of those plans to resolve. The entire campaign could take half a decade or more. ALWAYS keep that in mind.

-- Posting should be a simple habit. Realistically, you shouldn't spend more than a few minutes each day thinking about this game, or any other game, on RPOL. I'd rather see short, two or three-line posts, than long essays, if it means you'll be able to post on time. In other words: chill out. Log-in, read the new posts, have a beer (or glass of water, remember to stay hydrated!), post something, and then go walk your pig. Repeat the next day. If you want to write longer posts on a regular basis, great! All I ask is that you stick to a predictable schedule, both for your benefit, for mine, and for the benefit of the other players.

-- Schedule your posting habits and chat about random stuff in OOC! Set aside a specific time every day to check RPOL and post. If you can't make it that day, say something in OOC! Tell people when you think you'll get time, then post a funny cat gif! Activity, even out-of-character activity, is more important than in-game speed!

-- You're not an island! It's easy to forget that when you fall behind, it's not just you and the GM that suffer: all the players are affected. Momentum can be lost, and people lose interest. This is especially true in the early months!

I WILL BE POKING PEOPLE - You might not like it, but in the early phases of a game, I will hound my players for posts, and if you fail to keep up, I will skip people, and kick people. I hope this is balanced by my constant desire to work with players in an effort to make the game fun for them. If you're having an issue, talk to me, either in OOC or PM. If you can't post because you're sick, depressed, or just busy, let me know. The quickest way to get booted is to disappear, and if you're not having fun and don't feel there's a way forward for you, it's okay! I'd rather us part ways without acrimony in a timely manner, then wait for weeks wondering where a player has gone.

Stay in contact with me. Communicate what you want, and how you feel. I'm not a counselor, but my door is open if you feel like you need to talk with someone concerning just about any topic. Depending on how many players we get, I'll be establishing rules regarding how and when people are skipped during turns, and those rules will be enforced. No matter what the rules are however, not getting kicked is really easy: post, or tell me why you can't right now.
GM Sattler
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Sun 14 Jul 2019
at 18:11
Introduction (Read First!)

I like pictures and music.  Be looking for stuff to represent your character, your ship, your gear etc.

I will be trying to kill characters as the game progresses.  Do not assume that you are the heroes (even though you are) and that that gives you plot armor.  This is going to be something of a Survival Horror game, with the limited resources and over-abundance of bad-guys that genre inspires.  That being said, I really want you to play the character that you want to.  This being more free-form than most of my games will give me more mental space to put characters and their ambitions at the forefront of the plot.

Your characters matter!  They should have something they are working toward that will not be accomplished trivially.  Maybe more than one thing!  Give me some plot-hooks to engage your character with and they will be used.  Try to avoid characters that are 'loners' and do not have any reason to engage with the other player characters.  This kind of game play does not support that concept as well as some single-player video games or movies might.

Each character will get a Moment of Glory (tm) where the dice are set aside and you will get to dictate how things progress.  This will be something to discuss with the GM before fully enacted.  I will have the option to veto certain things, and this will not be used to beat the final big-bad boss.  It could be used to escape from their collapsing volcano-lair after he is defeated though.
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Sun 21 Jul 2019
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Introduction (Read First!)
to post a picture, use the following code

<img(space)src=(url here)/>

replace anything in the () including the () themselves

more formatting details can be found under the red 'help' tab at the top right corner.

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